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The nation's capital, Washington, DC was formed in 1791 from portions of Maryland and Virginia. It is named for George Washington, first of 45 Presidents of the United States. Originally 100 square miles with the Potomac River roughly cutting it in half, eventually the land taken from Virginia was returned to the Commonwealth to establish Arlington and parts of Alexandria. Washington, DC is a symbol of the things that America stands for. Many national landmarks, notably the White House and the United States Capitol building, as well as several museums, are located here. Its sports teams are: the Washington Redskins (NFL), Washington Nationals (MLB), Washington Capitals (NHL) and Washington Wizards (NBA).

Despite its small size, many interstates and U.S. routes have managed to cram their way into the District. Interstate 395 stems from New York Avenue and has a tunnel under some Southeast streets, then turns west and then back south, over the Potomac and into Arlington, Virginia. Interstate 66 has a stub in the southern area of Northwest, coming out of K Street near Georgetown and curving to the west for its own Potomac crossing. Interstate 295 runs through Southeast, and Interstate 695 connects 395 to 295 in the area of Capitol Hill. 

U.S. Route 1 makes its way through Northeast and Southwest via Rhode Island Avenue and 7th Street. U.S. 50 forms portions of New York Avenue and Constitution Avenue. U.S. Route 29 runs down 14th and K streets. The District also has its own District Route, which is DC-295, the Anacostia Freeway. It becomes the Baltimore-Washington Parkway at the Maryland line.

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