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U.S. Route 17

U.S. Route 17 in South Carolina runs 221 miles southwest-to-northeast from a bridge at the Savannah River in Jasper County to the North Carolina line in the Little River area of Horry County, passing directly through Charleston, Myrtle Beach and their surrounding metropolitan areas. From Charleston onward, it is South Carolina's primary coastal highway, as Interstate 95 is situated considerably inland. US 17 nonetheless intersects or overlaps with I-95 at various points in Jasper County, also encountering Interstates 26 and 526 in the Charleston area as well as future Interstate 73 (South Carolina Highway 22) in far-north Myrtle Beach. Through the Myrtle Beach corridor (Murrells Inlet onward), US 17 is often congested during peak tourist season with beach traffic


In addition to its crossing of the Savannah River entering South Carolina from the south, US 17 crosses over the Ashley and Cooper rivers in Charleston County, and the Intracoastal Waterway in Georgetown and between North Myrtle Beach and Little River.

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