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U.S. Route 17 south - North Carolina line to Myrtle Beach


Going south on U.S. Route 17 just after its crossing of the Intracoastal Waterway entering North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the highway approaches its split with South Carolina Highway 9, where there is a cloverleaf exit ramp funneling SC 9 traffic east toward the city's Cherry Grove Beach section. Meanwhile, southbound US 17 receives a ramp from eastbound SC 9. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


There is a sign on the right side of the highway pointing the way to Cherry Grove Beach, the northernmost section of the present-day North Myrtle Beach, along with smaller signage in the median that includes a SC 9 shield. From this interchange, SC 9 proceeds a mile and a half to its eastern terminus at Ocean Boulevard, where South Carolina Highway 65 also has its northern terminus. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A North Myrtle Beach welcome sign sits along US 17's wide curve into the city. The sign boasts of North Myrtle Beach being the hometown of Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Past the welcome sign sits a US 17 shield. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A newly-erected traffic light sits ahead at the Coastal North Town Center, intersecting Seabrook Plantation Way. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Accessible to the right at the Coastal North signal is the old alignment of US 17 leading back to Sea Mountain Highway at the waterway. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The next signal is at 11th Avenue North. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


11th North leads to Cherry Grove's Surf Golf and Beach Club via Springland Lane, and has a bend along its course around a lake. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Intersected next are Ashley Loop, leading to the unusually-named Gator Hole Plaza, and West Port Drive, leading into the Carolina Keyes private condominium complex. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


There is then a signal at 2nd Avenue North, leading to the Waterway Landing complex at right and serving as one of the residential through streets of Ocean Drive Beach to the left. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


An overhead gantry then displays a trio of signs pertinent to the next intersection: Main Street, leading to Ocean Drive (Boulevard) is at left; there remain three through lanes along US 17 south to Myrtle Beach, and Robert Edge Parkway, a connection to South Carolina Highway 90 with access to the parallel South Carolina Highway 31, is at right. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


This is the signal at Main Street and Robert Edge Parkway, the closest to a true "congested intersection" in North Myrtle. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Beyond Main Street, the speed limit is still 40 miles per hour. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


6th Avenue South is intersected at the next light. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Shortly afterward, the route goes downhill into some trees, and the median itself becomes tree-lined. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


After it intersects 9th Avenue South, the route curves gradually and the center left-turn lane reappears. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A break in the "avenues" then occurs as US 17 has a light at Possum Trot Road, along which the North Myrtle Beach recreation center is located. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A few blocks later, running alongside the Azalea Sands Golf Club, US 17 nears an intersection with 21st Avenue South. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The next signal is at 27th Avenue South, which forms the south end of Crescent Beach. This intersection is also the southern terminus of South Carolina Highway 65. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A US 17 reassurance shield sits just past 27th South. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The highway now enters the limits of Atlantic Beach, which is legally separate from North Myrtle Beach. This is a vestige of the days when North Myrtle's four component sections were likewise separate towns. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


30th Avenue South, a de facto main street for Atlantic Beach, intersects US 17 at this signal. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Re-entering North Myrtle Beach, US 17 encounters 33rd Avenue South, the northern boundary of Windy Hill. Turning right leads to the Grand Strand Airport and to the Hawaiian Rumble miniature golf course, supposedly rated PGA's number-one in the world. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Intersected next is 37th Avenue South, another Windy Hill thoroughfare that also has a side entrance to the nearby Barefoot Commons shopping center. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Then, Windy Hill Road, besides being at the opposite end of Barefoot Commons, shoots off from 46th Avenue South on the beach side of US 17 and loops back around to Barefoot Landing's main drag, explained below. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


US 17 proceeds to 46th Avenue South at left and Barefoot Resort Bridge Road at right. The latter crosses the Intracoastal Waterway to the Barefoot Resort residential and timeshare complex, where it meets the main residential street, Club Course Drive, at a roundabout. Barefoot Landing itself is a tourist-oriented shopping and entertainment complex akin to Broadway at the Beach some miles to the south in Myrtle Beach. Seen in this picture is Barefoot Landing's Alligator Adventure attraction. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


At right, not far on from the Barefoot Resort signal, is a remote location of southeastern North Carolina's renowned Duplin Winery. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The next Barefoot signal, which also intersects 48th Avenue South, is the most direct entrance to the complex, leading into its main parking lot as well as leading to the Alabama Theatre. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Barefoot Landing has its own sign along US 17 as the highway passes the Lewis Pond, which is Barefoot's visual centerpiece with pedestrian walkways situated along it. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Finally, after a traffic signal at White Point Loop and Ocean Creek Drive, US 17 passes the Southern Palms Memorial Gardens and leaves the Barefoot hub and North Myrtle Beach behind, entering Briarcliffe Acres. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A swath of trees now surrounds the highway, and will do so for almost the next mile. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A sidewalk also lines the highway as it enters a SCDOT assistance zone. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Middle Gate Road, one of the main entrances to Briarcliffe Acres, and Old Bridge Road now meet US 17 at a traffic signal. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


South Carolina Highway 22 (Conway Bypass) intersects US 17 at an interchange half a mile ahead. Photo taken 10-05-2023.

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