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U.S. Route 501 north - Conway to Marion


U.S. Route 501 pushes northbound through its interchange with the western terminus of South Carolina Highway 22 (Conway Bypass). From here, US 501 has already passed through Conway itself on its trek from Myrtle Beach, where it has its south end. SC 22 leads 29 miles northeast to U.S. Route 17 near North Myrtle Beach. On the right side of the highway at this spot sit a hurricane evacuation route sign as well as a pointer to Interstate 95, which sits a great distance inland from the coast and still significantly here. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Horry Road, which runs north of SC 22 for several miles, crosses over US 501 here. Just to the west, it becomes Brunson Spring Road. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Access to Horry Road and Brunson Spring from US 501 is from a separate connector roadway. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


These crossings are followed by a US 501 reassurance shield. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


From the green sign at right, Aynor is five miles ahead, and Marion, the same-name seat of neighboring Marion County, is 25 miles away by way of a short section of US 501 Business. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


For the time being, the speed limit is 60 miles per hour, and the route itself is a four-lane divided highway with a grassy median. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The route dips downward before intersecting Sparkman Road. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


There is then an intersection with Pine Oaks Farm Road, which proceeds to run parallel to US 501. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Honeysuckle Drive is the next side road intersected. Photo taken 10-05-2023.

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