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U.S. Route 222 north - Breinigsville to Allentown


In Breinigsville, southwest of Allentown, Pennsylvania, US 222 north approaches a junction with Pennsylvania Route 100 northbound and township-maintained Trexlertown Road south, with control cities Fogelsville and Trexlertown. PA 100 actually has a brief overlap with US 222 beginning about a mile and a quarter southwest of here, and in its current routing (altered by construction of bypasses during the first half of the aughts) does not go through the center of Trexlertown. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The ramp to PA 100/Trexlertown Road is just ahead. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


A sound barrier is situated between the offramp and US 222 itself. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The corresponding onramp joins US 222 ahead at right. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The highway proceeds over Norfolk Southern rail trackage. This is specifically a spur of a line which has a terminal nearby in Allentown. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


Afterward, there is US 222 reassurance. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


Allentown is a quick 5 miles away. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


As the highway curves right, there are signs warning drivers to watch for stopped vehicles. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


A traffic signal sits up ahead. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


Intersected at the signal are Grange Road (left) and Mill Creek Road (right). Photo taken 08-14-2023.


Before the light, US 222 crosses over the parallel Cetronia Road, then curves left. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The Grange/Mill Creek light is here. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The highway moves on from the signal with a concrete median that soon changes to grass. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


Long sound barriers line either side of this stretch of the route. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


US 222 is now nearing a junction with North Krocks Road, while just ahead, the highway enters Lower Macungie Township. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


This is a hybrid interchange-and-traffic-signal, where the movement to North Krocks Road southbound is made by way of an exit ramp. This also includes access to the west wing of the Hamilton Crossings retail complex. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The gore sign of said ramp. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The movement to North Krocks Road northbound, conversely, is made through a direct left turn at the signal. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


Following North Krocks is another US 222 shield. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


At right, incoming traffic from North Krocks merges onto US 222 north. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


Up ahead, the speed limit drops to 45 miles per hour. In the meantime, US 222 crosses over the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, also commonly known by its numbered designation of Interstate 476. Also crossed over is a loop ramp from US 222 south that becomes Brookside Road.  Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The highway subsequently passes over a quarry access road. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


After those crossings, US 222 intersects Cedarbrook Road (left) and Kressler Road (right). Photo taken 08-14-2023.


In one-eighth of a mile, the highway will reach the first of a pair of ramps to Interstate 78 and Pennsylvania Route 309. There, US 222 will end and become Pennsylvania Route 222, going into downtown Allentown. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The first of these ramps leads to I-78 east/PA 309 south toward Bethlehem and Quakertown in Bucks County. The two highways diverge at exit 60, about six miles to the east, in Upper Saucon Township; that interchange is also the southern terminus of Pennsylvania Route 145. In another eighth of a mile comes the ramp to the westbound Interstate. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The concrete-surfaced ramp to I-78 east is at right. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


On the other side of the Interstate's overpass seen here is the ramp to I-78 west/PA 309 north toward state capital Harrisburg (via Interstate 81) and the Schuylkill County borough of Tamaqua. The routes' western split, exit 53 westbound, is about two-thirds of a mile away. There is no access from I-78 east to PA 309 north; eastbound traffic must follow US 22 from its nearby split with I-78, past the Lehigh Valley interchange of I-476, to US 22's own interchange with PA 309. Photo taken 08-14-2023.


The ramp to I-78 west is at right. US 222 ends, and PA 222 proceeds as Hamilton Boulevard into the center of Allentown, shortly passing Dorney Park. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

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