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U.S. Route 340 north

U.S. Route 340 prepares to curve as it enters Jefferson County, West Virginia, as indicated by the blue mile marker in the photo, from Virginia. The highway's name changes here from Lord Fairfax Parkway to Berryville Pike, after the town to the south in Clarke County, Virginia. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

A Jefferson County welcome sign sits here, as does a notation of the road name change. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

A formal West Virginia welcome sign sits along the curve just ahead. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

The highway then straightens out and becomes somewhat less tree-lined. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle has a karst groundwater network, and US 340 is entering a part of its recharge area here. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

The highway will intersect Smith Road, which is Jefferson County secondary highway 38, in a quarter of a mile. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

That intersection is followed by Lewisville Road, secondary highway 19/1. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

Charles Town, the seat of Jefferson County, and unaffiliated with state capital Charleston, is listed here as being seven miles to the north. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

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