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U.S. Route 340 east

After passing through Loudoun County, Virginia for less than a mile, U.S. Route 340 begins crossing the Potomac River toward western Maryland. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

The speed limit is 45 miles per hour. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

Chain line fencing lines either side of the bridge near its north end. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

The highway hits Maryland and drivers are welcomed to Washington County, and then to the state itself a short distance ahead. US 340 will pass through far southern Washington County for about two miles. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

A closer look at the Maryland welcome sign. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

The highway then approaches a flashing signal at Valley Road left and Keep Tryst Road to the right. Keep Tryst Road leads to the Kennedy Farmhouse, the staging area during John Brown's 1859 raid on Harpers Ferry a few miles west, as well as several services. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

US 340's first Maryland reassurance marker comes just before the signal. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

The signal flashes yellow for US 340 through traffic, meaning they can proceed slowly without stopping, while each cross street is faced by flashing red signals indicated they do have to stop at the intersection. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

Proceeding generally eastward, US 340 expands into a four-lane divided highway with a median guardrail and 55 MPH speed limit. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

An interchange with Maryland Route 67, heading north toward Boonsboro, is ahead. MD 67 leads toward the Antietam battlefield as well as the Weverton Cliffs camping area and access point off the Appalachian Trail. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

Gathland and Washington Monument state parks can be reached via MD 67 north, if you want to cheat your way out of hiking to them. The Washington Monument in this area was the original one, coming before the ones in both Washington, DC and Baltimore. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

The ramp to MD 67 is just ahead; drivers have already missed their chance to make that movement, as indicated by the solid line between the middle and right lanes. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

Just past the exit ramp gore point. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

Traffic coming from MD 67 south merges onto US 340 east ahead. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

MD 67 then crosses over the highway, and an exit for Maryland Route 180 going toward Maryland Route 478 and the areas of Knoxville and Brunswick, in nearby Frederick County, is a mile away. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

Keep Tryst Road reconnects with US 340 at an at-grade intersection just ahead. Past that intersection, US 340 will remain a freeway the rest of the way to Frederick. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

After the intersection, US 340 crosses over the famous Appalachian Trail. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

The highway reaches Maryland mile marker 2 as it pushes toward the Frederick County line. Photo taken 08-30-2016.

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