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U.S. Route 322 west - Harrisburg to State College

At exit 67 on southbound Interstate 81 outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. Route 322 westbound prepares to leave the highway at exit 67B and join U.S. Route 22 on a freeway toward State College via Lewistown. US 22 continues nominally east but physically south past the interchange along with Pennsylvania Route 230 as Cameron Street into downtown Harrisburg, the state capital, while southbound I-81's control city here is Carlisle in Cumberland County. Photo taken 11-28-2016.

Exit 67A is a left exit, while exit 67B is from the right. Amid multiple flyover ramps, I-81 will momentarily reach a bridge over the Susquehanna River, which US 22/322 will parallel for the next several miles. Photo taken 11-28-2016.

At left, at the end of the ramp from I-81 south, a separate ramp from I-81 northbound merges in. Photo taken 11-28-2016.

The speed limit is 55 miles per hour, and the highway is dedicated to William B. Lentz, a former Pennsylvania senator. Photo taken 11-28-2016.

The locations on the next sign are equidistant from each other: Newport in Perry County, which the highway does not enter, is 23 miles away; Lewistown in Mifflin County, at which US 22 leaves the highway, is in 53 miles; and State College in Centre County, prior to which US 322 becomes a surface road again, is 83 miles ahead. Photo taken 11-28-2016.

An interchange with Pennsylvania Route 39 toward the Dauphin County communities of Linglestown and Rockville is forthcoming. Photo taken 11-28-2016.

The PA 39 exit ramp is just ahead. From here, PA 39 goes southeastward toward the Hersheypark hub in Hershey, reuniting with both US 22 and, at its eastern terminus in Derry Township, US 322 along the way. Meanwhile, the next exit serves Pennsylvania Route 443 and Fishing Creek, whose name is spelled on this gantry with a weirdly-shapen G. Photo taken 11-28-2016.

PA 39 crosses here; its western terminus is just to the left at a state quadrant route. Photo taken 11-28-2016.

US 22/322 reassurance follows the exit as the westbound carriageway begins climbing to a higher elevation than the eastbound lanes. Photo taken 11-28-2016.

An iron fence barrier lines the right side of the roadway here, to catch potential falling rocks from the hillside. Photo taken 11-28-2016.

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