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U.S. Route 301 north - Virginia line to Bowie


Leaving behind the Commonwealth of Virginia, U.S. Route 301 begins crossing the Potomac River from Dahlgren, King George County to Newburg, Charles County, into Maryland on the Harry W. Nice/Mac Middleton Bridge. Originally one lane in each direction, a new bridge with two lanes each opened in 2022, and the old one then demolished. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The speed limit along the bridge is 50 miles per hour. The old bridge had more speed restrictions, including a lower speed limit for large trucks. Seen in the distance at far-right is the Morgantown Generating Station, an electric power plant. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Northbound traffic begins to climb over the hump of the bridge. This hump was also present along the old bridge, in that case more prominently. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Past the top of the bridge, traffic proceeds back downward, toward the Maryland shoreline. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The highway reaches the north end of the bridge adjacent to the power station. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Approaching the electronic toll gantry, a blue sign erected by the Maryland Transportation Authority, which maintains the Nice Bridge and other toll facilities in Maryland, displays statistics regarding impaired drivers caught along Maryland roads throughout the year. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Charles County has a welcome sign at right coming off the bridge. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Shortly afterward, drivers are likewise welcomed to the state of Maryland. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


A Maryland welcome center sits half a mile past this blue sign. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301's first Maryland reassurance shield is here. It is a four-lane divided highway named Crain Highway, for one-time Maryland governor Robert Crain, and keeps this name until an interchange with U.S. Route 50 near Bowie in Prince George's County, where it becomes Maryland Route 3 and US 301 joins the US 50 corridor. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Moving away from the bridge, the speed limit increases to 55. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The welcome center entrance is just ahead at right. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Drivers bound for any of these designated Southern Maryland tourism corridors are directed to continue north for the time being. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Just further along, access to Cobb Island and points in between are at a junction. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The points listed on this green sign are at next right. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Maryland Route 257 is the route intersected ahead. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


MD 257 is known as Rock Point Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


La Plata, the seat of Charles County, is ten miles north of the MD 257 signal. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Meanwhile, Bel Alton is a closer six miles away, Washington, DC in 41 miles via Maryland Route 5, Baltimore in 70 miles via multiple other routes, and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge along the U.S. Route 50 corridor 74 miles' drive northeast. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Just further ahead, there is a dip in the highway and a median crossover before it goes back uphill. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The area of Budds Creek and the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in St. Mary's County are accessible from the forthcoming signal. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The intersecting road of that specific junction is Maryland Route 234 (Budds Creek Road) which leads to Leonardtown and, via routes 4 and 235, Lexington Park, each in St. Mary's County, but first US 301 intersects Edge Hill Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Before the signal, US 301 proceeds through the hamlet of Glasva. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


A set of flashers warns of the impending MD 234 signal. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


All aforementioned points aside from Budds Creek are listed on the green sign just before the traffic signal. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Budds Creek Road is then mentioned on these junction signs. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


There is a hurricane evacuation route marker just before the MD 234 signal. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The MD 234 junction is a seagull intersection, where southbound through traffic does not have to deal with a traffic light whereas traffic making all other movements do. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The speed limit remains 55 past MD 234. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Bel Alton is 4 miles away, the Bay Bridge 68 miles, and Baltimore 72 miles. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301 now enters the historic community of Faulkner. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


An intersection with South Faulkner Road is approaching. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The next intersection is Crossover Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


South Faulkner Road intersects the highway again up ahead, as does Faulkner Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Popes Creek Road, which includes another access point to Faulkner Road, intersects US 301 next. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Faulkner Road reconnects with US 301 ahead, and the highway also intersects Irving Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The highway now enters Bel Alton. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Intersected next are Chapel Point Road and Bel Alton Newtown Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Past that intersection, La Plata is six miles' drive away, Washington 35 miles and Baltimore 68. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


As US 301 enters another tree-lined area, the Charles County Fairgrounds are a right turn away. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


That right turn is Fairground Road, at which Sadie Lane also goes off to the left. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The highway now passes through the hamlet of Spring Hill. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The next road intersected is Preference Drive. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Accompanied by a US 301 reassurance shield, the land then becomes slightly more open. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Old Stagecoach Road, spelled "Stage Coach" on this sign, and St. Mary's Avenue intersect the highway up ahead. St. Mary's Avenue is part of an old alignment of US 301 through downtown La Plata. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The speed limit is about to drop to 50 miles per hour. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301 is now entering the La Plata hub. The Charles County Sheriff's Office and detention center are just ahead at left. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Some of Southern Maryland's scenic highway corridors are accessible via a left turn at the forthcoming traffic signal. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301 now prepares to intersect Maryland Route 6, leading west to historic Port Tobacco and Nanjemoy a good 20 miles' drive away, and east into downtown La Plata. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


There is a route marker pointing the way to MD 6 east as northbound US 301 is now three lanes wide. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Another connector between the state's Potomac and Patuxent highway corridors, MD 6 (Port Tobacco Road westbound and Charles Street eastbound) winds through rural areas of western Charles County and, past La Plata, ventures into St. Mary's County where it intersects Maryland Route 5 at Charlotte Hall, then loops around to an end at Maryland Route 235. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The MD 6 junction is followed by US 301 signage, right at the highway's Maryland mile marker 15. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Maryland Route 225 (Hawthorne Road), leading to the town of Indian Head to the west, is intersected ahead. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


A third lane once again opens up for traffic turning left onto MD 225 west. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


From here, Hawthorne Road continues east under municipal maintenance to Washington Avenue, the old alignment of US 301 through downtown La Plata. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The next signal is situated at Shining Willow Way, which leads to a side entrance to the La Plata Plaza, then into a development on the opposite side of Washington Avenue. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301 is beginning to leave La Plata proper; accordingly, the speed limit increases to 55 miles per hour. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Intersected next is Heritage Green Parkway, which serves the La Plata Village Center. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The unmarked Drury Lane then has a northbound only right-in/right-out at La Plata's Walmart store. Access to Walmart from southbound US 301 is exclusively from Heritage Green. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The last northbound traffic signal in La Plata is at Rosewick Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Rosewick Road leads east from here to Radio Station Road at the Laurel Springs Regional Park, where it becomes St. Charles Parkway and heads northeastward several miles to the east side of Waldorf. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301 reassurance follows the Rosewick intersection. The highway is preparing to curve widely to the right. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Mitchell Road, leading to the La Plata campus of the College of Southern Maryland, intersects ahead. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Located at Mitchell Road is the La Plata barrack (H) of the Maryland State Police. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The next signal is at Turkey Hill Road to the left and Washington Avenue to the right. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


From this light, Turkey Hill Road goes north to Maryland Route 227, a route intersected by US 301 shortly. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


More US 301 reassurance follows. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


After a pair of curves, another traffic light approaches. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


This is where the above-mentioned MD 227 meets US 301. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


MD 227, which has its eastern terminus here, is known in this area, White Plains, as Marshall Corner Road. At right at the same signal is Willetts Crossing Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


MD 227 heads west from here to the communities of Pomfret, Pomonkey and Bryans Road; at the last of these, it meets Maryland Route 210 (Indian Head Highway). Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The next signal is at Theodore Green Boulevard, an industrial street. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301 then intersects Demarr Road, a residential road leading east to St. Charles Parkway. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The highway proceeds with two through lanes and two turn lanes, one to the left and one right. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


At right, although the name of the area itself is obscured by bushes, a sign declares US 301's entry into Waldorf. This is at the southern end of the Waldorf hub, a technically separate community known as St. Charles, which was once a separate census-designated place from what is considered the main portion of Waldorf. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The speed limit for right now is 55 miles per hour. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


However, that soon drops to 45 as US 301 nears Waldorf's dense commercial strip. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The highway now prepares to intersect Smallwood Drive. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


One of a number of four-lane divided local thoroughfares in the Waldorf-St. Charles area, Smallwood Drive leads west to the Dorchester Lake and Hampshire sections of Waldorf and out to Middletown Road, and east to St. Charles Parkway. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The main entrance of the St. Charles Towne Center is next left. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The mall entrance is to the left at the signal, with more commercial development at right. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


A sign mostly obscured by trees announces a forthcoming signal at St. Patricks Drive. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


At the other end of the signal is the entrance to the Pembrooke Square Medical Center. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Plaza Drive, a few feet ahead, leads to the Charles County Plaza and Waldorf Marketplace at left, and Waldorf Shoppers World at right. Also a left turn away is Western Parkway, a local road paralleling US 301. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301 is now preparing to intersect Maryland Route 228 (Berry Road) and Maryland Route 5 Business (Leonardtown Road). Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The street names of each intersecting route are listed separately at right. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


A MD 228 shield is posted on a traffic light pole in the median. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Then, on the other side of the intersection, there is a green-on-white MD 5 Business shield in the median. MDOT prefers to use the color green on its business route shields to make them more distinct from their mainline counterparts. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Following the Berry/Leonardtown light comes an unsignalized crossroads with Holly Lane. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The highway then intersects two more minor roads, Vernon Road and Central Avenue. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Another traffic signal now looms, this one at Acton Lane. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Acton Lane leads west to a light at Western Parkway, then into a rural section of Prince George's County, where it becomes Gardner Road leading to Accokeek Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


There is US 301 reassurance right after, basically at Acton Lane. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Holly Tree Road intersects the route at the next light. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


A separate light a stone's throw later intersects Jefferson Farm Place, an entry to still more retail development. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The next signal is at Pierce Road, which leads to the area Delight subdivision, and VFW Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Sub Station Road is then intersected ahead. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301's final traffic light in the Waldorf hub is Mattawoman Drive, a connection to southbound mainline Maryland Route 5 toward Lexington Park. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Shields pointing toward each direction of MD 5 are posted here. MD 5 north is marked straight ahead because it is about to join US 301 for a concurrency of just over two and a half miles. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The Mattawoman Boulevard light is ahead. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


There is a MD 5 shield, but no US 301 shield, pulling away from that signal and as the corridor leaves Waldorf behind. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Approaching a wide curve to the left, the two routes cross the Mattawoman Creek, at which point the highway leaves Charles County and enters Prince George's County: the second-most populous county in Maryland, and one of the core jurisdictions of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


As it navigates the curve, the highway goes uphill, with four lanes and a narrow, pointed concrete median. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


At right at the next signal is the Cedarville State Forest. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The roads crossed at this signalized intersection are Cedarville Road, which heads east to Brandywine Road, and McKendree Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Afterward, the highway's far-right lane ends and the highway eases downhill. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Matapeake Business Drive, just further ahead at right, is the back street of the Brandywine Crossing retail complex. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


At the next light, Chadds Ford Drive (left) leads into the Enclave at Chadds Ford, and Timothy Branch Drive (right) to another part of Brandywine Crossing. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


An up-close look at that signal. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


MD 5 splits from US 301 in one mile. MD 5 is marked as going toward Washington, and US 301 toward Baltimore. The middle lane can be used for either route at the split. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The Brandywine Park and Ride is accessed from MD 5 just after the split. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Another advance sign for the split sits just short of half a mile away. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Brandywine Road, leading westward to Maryland Route 373 (Accokeek Road) is accessed from the left in three-quarters of a mile. However, to reach MD 373, drivers must parallel MD 5 north to the park and ride, then pass over MD 5 at an interchange and then go back south to a roundabout, where exiting right marks the start of MD 373 west. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Short Cut Road is intersected just before the split. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


MD 5 and US 301 officially split here. MD 5 continues as Branch Avenue, while US 301 remains Crain Highway. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Brandywine itself is accessed via a right turn at the next signal. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The signal is preceded by these advance overhead flashers. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Turning right also leads to MDOT's designated Patuxent corridor. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Most of Brandywine Road, beginning here, is Maryland Route 381, which goes southeast to Cedarville and then south to Aquasco as Aquasco Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Leaving Brandywine, the speed limit goes up to 55 miles per hour. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Upper Marlboro is 11 miles away, the Bay Bridge 40, and Baltimore 49. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The highway's carriageways split, and it intersects a connector to Williams Drive. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


It then intersects Missouri Avenue. This is different from the street in northwest Washington, DC. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The northbound Missouri Avenue intersection. Its intersection with US 301 south is more than 1,000 feet to the north. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Cheltenham Drive is intersected next northbound, but not southbound. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Before the carriageways come back together, US 301 north approaches Dyson Road, with a traffic signal that was newly-installed when these photos were taken. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The Dyson Road light up-close. Dyson Road itself goes back southwest from here to Brandywine Road, passing the Kingswood Estates subdivision and Gwynn Park Middle School, and east to Cherry Tree Crossing. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


With its carriageways back together, US 301 curves gradually to the right and has a median crossover at left. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The speed limit is still 55 for the time being. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


A Maryland state-sanctioned farmers market is ahead at left. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The farmers market entrance is marked to the left in the median. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301 is now preparing to meet Cherry Tree Crossing at a crossroads. The left leg of this crossroads is the entrance to the Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery, which backs to Surratts Road just off the corridor. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


A set of flashers is at Cherry Tree Crossing. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Intersected at the next signal is Frank Tippett Road, a local arterial going northward to Rosaryville Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The highway then meets Old Indian Head Road (right) and Blackstone Avenue (left), the latter leading into the Cheltenham Woods development. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


At right, Old Indian Head Road leads to the Cheltenham Wildlife Management Area. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Shortly afterward, the highway meets Timberline Drive. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Then, a U-turn movement provides access to Rhodenda Place from the southbound lanes. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


US 301 encounters Old Indian Head Road again up ahead. At left at the same signal is Rosaryville Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The next intersection is at Fairhaven Avenue, one of the main roadways of the Marlton residential complex. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


A look at the Fairhaven Avenue light. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The highway next meets Trumps Hill Road, which cuts through Marlton with numerous curves. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


After that, the route goes downhill, and is shrouded by trees. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Heathermore Boulevard, a main drag of sorts for Marlton, is up ahead. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The Heathermore signal represents Marlton's grand entrance. There is also a U-turn lane at far left. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


After the highway meets North Marlton Avenue at an unsignalized intersection, it approaches another light. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


At left prior to the signal, at West Marlton Avenue, is an entrance to Rosaryville State Park. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The road intersected at this signal is Osborne Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


From here, Osborne Road runs northwest parallel to Charles Branch, then becoming Marlboro Pike and running west to the northeast corner of Joint Base Andrews. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Feet later, US 301 intersects the north end of Maryland Route 382 (Croom Road), which serves as a quiet main thoroughfare for southeastern Prince George's County. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Following MD 382, the highway goes steadily uphill. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Upper Marlboro and the Bay Bridge are 5 and 34 miles away. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Old Crain Highway is intersected next. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Afterward, there is US 301 reassurance. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Then, at mile marker 38, the highway goes downhill and approaches a curve to the left. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Just after a subsequent curve to the right, there is a signal at Croom Station Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Croom Station Road reconnects with Old Crain Highway to the north and with MD 382 to the south. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


After Croom Station, US 301 meets Chew Road. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


There are flashers at the Chew Road intersection. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The 55 MPH speed limit is then reiterated. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


In one mile, US 301 meets Maryland Route 4, which has control cities of Prince Frederick (in Calvert County) and Washington, at a cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


In the meantime, there is a railroad crossing a quarter of a mile away. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Following the railroad crossing, US 301 intersects Maude Savoy Brown Road, which goes toward a State Highway Administration garage, and a Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission treatment plant on the western branch of the Patuxent River. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The railroad crossing is seen here. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


An organics composting facility is at the next right turn. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


MD 4 is half a mile away. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The Prince George's Equestrian Center and Show Place Arena are north (technically west) on MD 4. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Before reaching MD 4, US 301 encounters a traffic signal at entrances to a pair of shopping centers, Marlboro Square to the left and Marlboro Crossroads at right. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The ramp to MD 4 south is up ahead. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


MD 4 passes over US 301 just prior to the ramp from US 301 north to MD 4 north. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


On MD 4 north, Show Place is on the south side of the very next interchange, Water Street (MD 717), which goes north into downtown Upper Marlboro and to the county courthouses. Meanwhile, at left at the next signal (Chrysler Drive) is the Prince George's County Sheriff's Office. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Chrysler Drive and Chevy Drive, at right, otherwise serve various retail establishments. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Departing the immediate Upper Marlboro hub, US 301 nears its next traffic signal, where a left turn leads to the Darnall's Chance Museum. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The light is at Marlboro Pike (Maryland Route 725, a former routing of MD 4 through downtown Upper Marlboro). Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The Marlboro Pike light, with MD 725 marked going west into Upper Marlboro. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


It is then time for more US 301 reassurance. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The highway's speed limit is 55 as it transitions from Upper Marlboro into the far-south of Bowie. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Just ahead, there is a median variable message sign facing toward southbound traffic, and in the distance, a sign northbound bills a weigh station one mile ahead. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


All large vehicles - essentially, those affected by height or weight restrictions - must pass through the weigh scales. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


Village Drive West, the main road of the Marlboro Meadows community, intersects US 301 at a traffic signal in the interim. Photo taken 10-06-2023.


The Village Drive light itself. Feet to the east sits the north end of another segment of Old Crain Highway at a separate light. Photo taken 10-06-2023.