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U.S. Route 301 north - Virginia line to Bowie

Northbound U.S. Route 301 has just crossed the Potomac River on the Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge from King George County, Virginia into Charles County, Maryland, and approaches the tollbooth at the north end of the bridge. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

Drivers are welcomed to Maryland just beyond the tollbooth. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

A Maryland welcome center sits half a mile past this blue sign. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

US 301's first Maryland reassurance shield is here. It is a four-lane divided highway named Crain Highway, for one-time Maryland governor Robert Crain, and keeps this name until an interchange with U.S. Route 50 near Bowie in Prince George's County, where it becomes Maryland Route 3 and US 301 joins the US 50 corridor. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

With the highway's median having become tree-lined, the welcome center entrance sits just ahead. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

The route proceeds generally northward through the Newburg area of Charles County, toward county seat La Plata, with a sign in the median touting the state tourism corridors that can be reached from here. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

Access to Cobb Island and points in between are at the next junction. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

Maryland Route 257, representing the former southernmost few miles of the corridor connecting Charles County with Baltimore prior to the construction of the Nice Bridge, is the highway intersected ahead. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

A signal sits at MD 257, which is named Rock Point Road. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

US 301 reassurance follows the intersection. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

Access to destinations in nearby St. Mary's County now approaches, as indicated by this median sign. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

Half a mile ahead sits Maryland Route 234, which leads to the St. Mary's County areas of Leonardtown and Lexington Park. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

A fairly recent traffic signal is situated at MD 234. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

The MD 234 intersection is reached. Photo taken 10-06-2016.

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