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U.S. Route 30 east - York to Lancaster

Just west of York, Pennsylvania, U.S. Route 30 uses a partial interchange to branch off onto an expressway that will take it around the north side of the city of York. The surface road left by US 30 becomes Pennsylvania Route 462, its former alignment through York. PA 462 is marked as going toward York, and US 30 toward Lancaster, on the opposite side of the Susquehanna River. Photo taken 08-02-2016.

The highway prepares to curve sharply leftward and pass under PA 462. Photo taken 08-02-2016.

The PA 462 overpass. Photo taken 08-02-2016.

The highway then begins curving back to the right, with a third lane that disappears just ahead. Photo taken 08-02-2016.

US 30 reassurance accompanies the highway's settlement into a four-lane configuration. Photo taken 08-02-2016.

Pennsylvania Route 74 toward the boroughs of Dover and West York is marked as being a mile and a half ahead as Pennsylvania Route 234 (East Berlin Road) passes over the highway. Photo taken 08-02-2016.

A dynamic message sign in the median displays travel times to Interstate 83 and Pennsylvania Route 24 a few miles ahead. Photo taken 08-02-2016.

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