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U.S. Route 30

U.S. Route 30 runs along the path of the historic Lincoln Highway through Pennsylvania for 333 miles, passing through Pittsburgh, paralleling the Pennsylvania Turnpike including as the surface route through Breezewood, and running through Chambersburg, Gettysburg, York, Lancaster and into the Delaware Valley, finally passing through downtown Philadelphia before crossing the Delaware River into New Jersey. US 30 overlaps with Interstate 376 through downtown Pittsburgh, an untolled portion of Interstate 76 along the Schuylkill River west of Philadelphia, and Interstate 676 through Philadelphia into Camden, New Jersey. It is a limited-access freeway west of and between York and Lancaster and from Parkesburg to just east of Exton in Chester County. Notable business routes for US 30 run through Greensburg in Westmoreland County and parallel to the Chester County freeway.

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