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U.S. Route 222 south - Reading to Lancaster

North of Reading, Pennsylvania, entering Ontelaunee Township, Berks County, U.S. Route 222 southbound approaches its split with U.S. Route 222 Business, which heads south into the borough of Laureldale and then into Reading. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

Traffic remaining on mainline US 222 exits here. Mainline US 222 proceeds to bypass Reading to the west and south. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

A US 222 shield is present as the Reading bypass begins. US 222 is limited-access from here to its split from U.S. Route 30 north of Lancaster, 38 miles to the south. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

This portion of US 222 is dedicated as a Prisoners of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) highway. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

Exits serving Reading are then listed on this overhead sign. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

The highway approaches its interchange with Pennsylvania Route 61, which leads to Tuckerton and Pottsville in neighboring Schuylkill County to the north. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

Before the ramp to PA 61 north leaves US 222, the highway passes under a railroad track that parallels PA 61 to Hamburg, 12 miles to the north, where it intersects Interstate 78. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

Another railroad track crosses over US 222 before the exit. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

US 222 now approaches the ramp for PA 61 south toward the Tuckerton area and downtown Reading. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

After the PA 61 interchange, the city of Lancaster is 39 miles to the southwest. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

A ground-level green sign lists the next three exits. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

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