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U.S. Route 15 north - Virginia line to Frederick

After a 230-mile journey through the Commonwealth of Virginia, U.S. Route 15 crosses the Potomac River via the Point of Rocks Bridge, a two-lane truss bridge, from Loudoun County, Virginia into Frederick County, Maryland. Photo taken 07-29-2016.

Near the end of the bridge, the highway crosses over an Amtrak and MARC commuter train corridor. MARC has a station on the corridor serving Point of Rocks; it dates to the days of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Photo taken 07-29-2016.

At the end of the bridge US 15 immediately intersects the western terminus of Maryland Route 28, which heads eastward into Montgomery County, ultimately to Rockville. Photo taken 07-29-2016.

Past the MD 28 signal, a sign notes that this segment of US 15 is one of Maryland's designated headlight use corridors. These corridors are often two-way arterials and can also be found on some dual carriageways in the state. Photo taken 07-29-2016.

Those who remain on US 15 beyond MD 28 are formally welcomed to Maryland here. All 38 miles of US 15 within Maryland are in Frederick County. Photo taken 07-29-2016.

A Frederick County welcome sign follows. The sign facing toward southbound traffic warns them of the impending MD 28 signal. Photo taken 07-29-2016.

All of US 15 in Maryland is designated as the 115th Infantry Regiment Memorial Highway, in honor of the Maryland Army branch which officially debuted in World War I. Photo taken 07-29-2016.

US 15 intersects Maryland Route 464, Point of Rocks Road, momentarily. Photo taken 07-29-2016.

The MD 464 intersection is a busy roundabout, as the flashers indicate. Photo taken 07-29-2016.

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