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U.S. Route 1 south - Pennsylvania line to Baltimore

Between Dublin and Bel Air in Harford County, U.S. Route 1, here named Conowingo Road, climbs a hill out of a swath of trees after intersecting Kalmia Road. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

Now emerging into open land, US 1 prepares to intersect Forge Hill Road, its old alignment through the undeveloped Palmer State Park. US 1 was relocated to provide a safer crossing over Deer Creek. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

A few houses and trees dot surround the route here, near the White House Road intersection. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

More buildings surround the route's intersection with Gibson Road. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

With US 1 now nearing greater Bel Air, the land once again becomes more open as the route approaches Waverly Drive. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

Ruffs Mill Road, US 1's final intersection before entering the Bel Air hub, is ahead. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

Fields line each side of US 1 as it pushes southwest. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

U.S. Route 1 Business has its northern end here and takes the name Conowingo Road with it into Hickory and then downtown Bel Air. On this note, mainline US 1 becomes the Hickory Bypass. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

As it prepares to expand into a four-lane divided highway, mile markers begin appearing along US 1. These reflect the highway's distance from the Baltimore County line. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

A median now appears in the roadway. The Hickory Bypass was built as an extension of US 1's Bel Air Bypass, and opened in 2000. Prior to this, US 1 followed Conowingo Road through Hickory. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

The bypass' junction with Maryland Route 543, Fountain Green Road, approaches as the bypass becomes a full divided highway. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

MD 543 heads south toward Interstate 95 at Belcamp-Riverside and, before that, the Fountain Green section of Bel Air at Maryland Route 22, as well as northward to the northern Harford County hamlet of Ady, and to an end at Maryland Route 165 in Pylesville. Photo taken 08-07-2019.

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