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South Carolina Highway 22 west


This ramp leads from southbound U.S. Route 17 on the far-north side of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to westbound South Carolina Highway 22, which has its eastern terminus here. At right, a separate ramp from Kings Road, which leads a few feet into the parking lot of the Myrtle Beach Mall (and also southwesterly to more retail spots and the Arcadian Shores and Lake Arrowhead areas), joins the main ramp. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The speed limit for now is 45 miles per hour amid a wide curve to the right. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


As the westbound lanes prepare to cross a canal forming part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, the first westbound SC 22 shield appears. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Traffic coming from northbound US 17 then merges in at left. SC 22 travels 29 miles from here to U.S. Route 501, named the Conway Bypass, after the city (the seat of Horry County) it serves as a relief route for. The highway was completed in 2001. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


At the end of the bridge, the speed limit increases to 65 miles per hour. SC 22 will eventually form part of Interstate 73, the first Interstate highway to directly serve Myrtle Beach. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


SC 22 is also designated the Veterans Highway for its entire length. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The first exit is a ramp to SC 22's companion freeway, South Carolina Highway 31 (Carolina Bays Parkway) northbound, leading to South Carolina Highway 9 between Little River and Longs. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The ramp to SC 31 north is just ahead. There is then a cloverleaf ramp to SC 31 south leading to Myrtle Beach and, ultimately, South Carolina Highway 707 in the Socastee area west of Garden City. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A flyover ramp from southbound SC 31 to eastbound SC 22 crosses over here. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


SC 22 now proceeds away from the SC 31 interchange, with the onramp from SC 31 south merging in at right. Just behind this photo, Water Tower Road, a collector with its own interchange at SC 31 that then passes along the north end of the Barefoot Resort property, crosses over SC 22. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The highway goes on to its first of three crossings of the Jones Big Swamp. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The second swamp crossing follows a short distance afterward. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Following that, the trees beside the highway back off slightly, and the land flattens out. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Then, at mile marker 25, the highway crosses the Jones swamp once more. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


An interchange with South Carolina Highway 90, going northeast to Little River and southwest to Conway, is in one mile. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Meanwhile, once again, the trees on the right (east) side of the highway temporarily become less dense, being replaced by an open field. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Services available at SC 90 are listed by this blue sign, placed perhaps in anticipation of SC 22's Interstate designation. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The exit is preceded by a hurricane evacuation route marker. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The SC 90 exit is just ahead. SC 90 is one of numerous routes that reach Conway in close proximity to one another and are all intersected by SC 22 at some point. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The SC 90 exit is just ahead. The eastbound ramp of this interchange is a cloverleaf. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The SC 90 exit gore. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


There is a curve to the left before the highway receives the onramp from SC 90. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


An SC 22 reassurance marker follows the exit. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The highway now has a prolonged straight, flat stretch with no curves. It also has a lengthy crossing over swampland surrounding the Waccamaw River, as seen here. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Once the highway hits land again, Hidden River Road crosses in the distance. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


An interchange with South Carolina Highway 905, toward Longs and Conway, is one mile ahead. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


In the interim, SC 22 reaches mile marker 20 and begins to cross over more swamp. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The next crossing is over the Waccamaw River in earnest. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The SC 905 exit now arrives. SC 905 runs alongside the Waccamaw River from Conway to the North Carolina line, where it becomes NC 905 and makes its way to NC 130 a few miles outside of Whiteville. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


SC 905's crossing of SC 22 is just prior to the cloverleaf exit ramp from SC 22 west. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Traffic from SC 905 then enters SC 22 at right. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


There is still a 65 MPH speed limit. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


With several miles between exits, it is here that SC 22 begins to gradually shift from a north-south to an east-west orientation. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The highway reaches mile marker 17 with trees on both sides and a large power line to the left. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Soon, SC 22 encounters a crossing of the unnamed Highway 66. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


More swampland soon afterward necessitates another lengthy viaduct. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Another speed limit sign and a swath of pine trees then surround the highway. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Highway 19, a thoroughfare running between SC 905 just to the south and SC 9 in Horry County's northwest, crosses over SC 22 next. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Yet another swamp crossing follows. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The next bridge is over Hucks Road. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A few feet later, at mile marker 10, SC 22 crosses over the Maple Swamp. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The freeway finally reaches an interchange with U.S. Route 701, running between Loris (where it meets SC 9) and Conway. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A pair of shields before the offramp point toward US 501 (straight ahead) and US 701. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A closer look at the US 701 exit gore. In the case of this interchange, the ramp from southbound US 701 to eastbound SC 22 is a cloverleaf, while the offramps from each direction of SC 22 to US 701 are diamond-style. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


US 701 passes over SC 22 by way of this bridge. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


An SC 22 reassurance shield comes afterward. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The final interchange prior to SC 22's northwestern terminus intersects South Carolina Highway 319 (Elm Street northbound) and leads to Aynor, incidentally making it an alternate route to US 501, which passes through the town. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The SC 319 exit comes just after a viaduct crossing of the Poplar Swamp. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


SC 319 crosses over SC 22 at an angle, while SC 22 itself has a slight curve within the interchange. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Traffic from SC 319 comes in here. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


One last SC 22 reassurance shield is seen here. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


At mile marker 2, Enoch Road crosses over the freeway. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


SC 22 reaches its end at an interchange with US 501, listed here as going toward Marion and Conway, in one mile. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The speed limit prepares to drop to 45 miles per hour. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Traffic for US 501 south is to use the left lane, and for US 501 north the right lane. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


An additional control city of Aynor is listed for US 501 north on this sign gantry. While the ramp to US 501 south ends at a stop sign, northbound traffic merges onto it seamlessly. Photo taken 10-05-2023.

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