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South Carolina Highway 9 north - Little River to Longs


In the area of Little River, South Carolina, an exit ramp carries traffic from U.S. Route 17 south to South Carolina Highway 9 north. SC 9 begins just to the east in Cherry Grove Beach, the northernmost section of North Myrtle Beach, and overlaps with US 17 over the Intracoastal Waterway between interchanges. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


This segment of SC 9 is designated as the Senator Dick Elliott Freeway, although there are no access limitations. SC 9 itself is signed north-south even though it runs mostly east-west along South Carolina's northern fringes. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The highway goes on to a traffic signal at Water Grande Boulevard, leading into the Bridgewater development, and Seacoast Hospital at left. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


After that, the highway intersects Plantation Drive, the main road into Baytree IX. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


Loris, where SC 9 meets U.S. Route 701, and Dillon, where it meets Interstate 95, are a respective 19 and 63 miles away. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The speed limit here is 45 miles per hour. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


Loris and Dillon are once again straight ahead. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The route is now nearing the north end of South Carolina Highway 31, and the green sign at right touts it as an access point to Myrtle Beach and the South Strand area. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


SC 31 crosses over SC 9 ahead. Known as the Carolina Bays Parkway, SC 31 provides a 28-mile bypass of US 17's Myrtle Beach traffic, ending up at South Carolina Highway 707 in Socastee. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The ramp to SC 31 south is ahead at right. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


Traffic from SC 31 north not bound for US 17 then defaults onto SC 9 north. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The highway now approaches a signal at Highway 57, a local arterial running from South Carolina Highway 90 into Brunswick County, North Carolina, where it continues as Hickman Road to US 17. It has become increasingly crowded in recent years with increasing residential development in the area. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


Following the signal, the highway's right lane ends and the center left-turn lane gives way to a grassy median. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The next traffic light sits at Cloverleaf Drive (left) and Charter Drive (right), the latter accessing the Colonial Charters Golf Club. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


A median crossover then sits opposite Sun Colony Boulevard. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The highway now approaches the Sergeant Gordon Best Memorial Bridge over the Waccamaw River Swamp. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


It then crosses the Waccamaw proper on the Jaby Cox Bridge. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The highway now curves wide right approaching the Aberdeen Country Club. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The speed limit lowers to 45 miles per hour ahead. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


Bucks Trail, the entrance to the country club, is at right. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The speed limit is now down to 45. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


Up ahead is a junction with South Carolina Highway 905 (Pireway Road). Photo taken 10-03-2023.


Signs approaching the intersection point to each direction of SC 905. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


SC 905 passes through Longs on its way from Conway to the southwest, northward into North Carolina where it becomes NC 905. Photo taken 10-03-2023.


The speed limit goes back up to 60 as SC 9 leaves Longs and forges toward Loris and other points west. Photo taken 10-03-2023.

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