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Pennsylvania Route 100 north - Pottstown to Trexlertown

South of downtown Pottstown, Pennsylvania, in North Coventry Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania Route 100 approaches its northbound split with South Hanover Street. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

South Hanover Street splits off at right, and northbound PA 100 momentarily becomes one lane. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

The highway's two carriageways now come together to form a single roadway. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

PA 100 proceeds to cross Neiman Road. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

The route prepares to become a semi-freeway with three interchanges all serving Pottstown. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

Shortly afterward, there is a traffic signal at Lenape Crossing, which leads to South Hanover with access to the Town Square Plaza. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

The first of the aforementioned interchanges, intersecting Pennsylvania Route 724 and serving Birdsboro and Kenilworth, is half a mile to the north. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

As the exit nears, PA 100 divides again. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

The next exit is at U.S. Route 422, with control cities King of Prussia, its eastern terminus, and Reading. The interchange is listed by this sign as being three-eighths of a mile away, Pennsylvania having a penchant for distance measurements usually considered archaic nowadays. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

PA 100 crosses over PA 724 here, and receives an onramp from it shortly. Photo taken 08-14-2023.

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