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Maryland Route 528 south


Going south coming from Fenwick Island, Delaware, ostensibly beach-bound traffic on Coastal Highway is welcomed to Maryland by this overhead sign, more minimal in design than many of the state's other welcome signs. At this point, Coastal Highway changes designations from Delaware Route 1 to Maryland Route 528 and enters Ocean City. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


Four blocks past the state line, the highway reaches 142nd Street, which becomes Frankford Avenue and heads toward two Ocean City parks. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


The route now passes 131st Street, with the next traffic signal at 127th visible. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


Past 127th Street, MD 528 passes the Montego Bay shopping center. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


At 62nd Street, MD 528 intersects Maryland Route 90, which proceeds across the Assawoman Bay and heads west toward U.S. Route 50 as the Ocean City Expressway. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


A reassurance shield for MD 528 is seen several blocks later. Photo taken 09-05-2023.

IMG_3395 (1)_edited.jpg

The route then intersects 41st Street and the entrance to the Roland E. Powell Convention Center. Photo taken 09-05-2023.

IMG_3397 (1)_edited.jpg

The next signal is with Dolphin Street, not the same as the one in Baltimore. Photo taken 09-05-2023.

IMG_3400 (1)_edited.jpg

Now known as Philadelphia Avenue, MD 528 is approaching the eastern terminus of U.S. Route 50 (Ocean Gateway), as well as the Ocean City Inlet. Photo taken 09-05-2023.

IMG_3402 (1)_edited.jpg

The roadway divides ahead, with US 50 traffic limited to the right two lanes. Photo taken 09-05-2023.

IMG_3404 (1)_edited.jpg

Philadelphia Avenue veers off to the left, and US 50 to the right. Photo taken 09-05-2023.

IMG_3406 (1)_edited.jpg

The route's final traffic signal is at Somerset Street. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


Traffic now heads toward the inlet, representing the south end of Ocean City, which is reached after two hard turns. Photo taken 09-05-2023.

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