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Maryland Route 43 west


Maryland Route 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) pulls away from its eastern terminus at Maryland Route 150 (Eastern Boulevard) beside the Martin State Airport and its namesake MARC station in the area of Middle River, in eastern Baltimore County. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The first westbound MD 43 reassurance shield appears promptly. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The highway then crosses over the Amtrak-owned Northeast Corridor, which facilitates MARC's Penn Line along which the Martin State Airport station is situated. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The next three miles are a State Highway Administration-designated deer area. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


U.S. Route 40 (Pulaski Highway) is intersected in three miles, Interstate 95 in 3¾, and White Marsh - home of a mall and various other shopping centers and commercial buildings, and MD 43's namesake - in 4½. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Another MD 43 reassurance shield and 45 MPH speed limit follow. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


This is designated as a Korean War and Korea Service Veterans Memorial Highway. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


With both sides of the westbound carriageway lined by trees, MD 43 passes commercial properties on either side. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The route now intersects Innovation Street (left) and Tangier Drive (right). Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Then, it has a signalized intersection at Crossroads Circle, the main road of the Baltimore Crossroads complex. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


After the Crossroads there is still more MD 43 reassurance. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Another traffic signal is forthcoming, this one marked as "new", although SHA habitually forgets to take these signs down. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The route begins curving sharp left before the signal. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The signal is at Greenleigh Avenue, and leads into the Greenleigh phase of the Crossroads. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The speed limit remains 45 as MD 43 continues veering leftward. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Next, the highway crosses Windlass Run, a tributary of the Bird River just to the north. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Another "new" traffic light sits ahead at Campbell Boulevard. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


This portion of Campbell Boulevard begins to the west at US 40. From Bird River Road to just west of Windlass Glen, it opened in 2020. A different, and older, portion of Campbell Boulevard runs from MD 7 past Nottingham Square, under I-95 and out to Honeygo Boulevard at the southeast corner of White Marsh Mall, just east of the Avenue. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The highway now curves right and eases downward. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Going back uphill, the route crosses over Bird River Road. This is the location of the property where a motorsports track called Essex International Speedway (named as such despite it being nominally located in Middle River) was proposed in the 1990s. It would have hosted NASCAR-sanctioned races, but the site was moved to the Pasadena area of Anne Arundel County and then cancelled altogether. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The highway levels out and continues easing rightward. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The exchange with US 40 is half a mile away. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


There is a turn to the left prior to US 40. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The cloverleaf ramp from MD 43 to US 40 is accessed via a left turn westbound. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


An AM radio frequency for I-95 express toll information is provided by the blue sign at right. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Before US 40, the highway crosses White Marsh Run. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


MD 43 meets the ramp to US 40 at this signal. Prior to 2006, this was the eastern terminus of MD 43. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


A variable message sign hangs over MD 43 as it prepares to pass over US 40 itself. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


As MD 43 makes its passage over US 40, it receives a ramp from US 40 west at right. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


A ramp to each standard carriageway of I-95, southbound control city Baltimore and northbound New York City, is in a quarter of a mile. Access to I-95's ETLs is in three-quarters of a mile. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


At right, a ramp from MD 7 (Philadelphia Road) joins westbound MD 43. Meanwhile, in the distance sits an overhead sign listing I-95 ETL toll rates. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The ramp to I-95 proper leaves MD 43 at right; it shortly splits into two ramps respectively leading to each carriageway, with the ramp to I-95 south being flyover in style. The second of the two forthcoming traffic signals provides access to the ETLs. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


A ramp gore sign at right displays an I-95 shield and an arrow pointing the way to the Interstate. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The traffic signal immediately afterward is at the end of the offramp from I-95 north to MD 43 west. As such, no turns from MD 43 west are permitted here. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The route now passes over I-95 north. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Then, as the highway crosses I-95 south, one of the access points to what is designated as the White Marsh Town Center (Mall, Avenue and anything else in the hub considered retail or entertainment) is ahead at left. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


There is MD 43 reassurance in the meantime. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


This leads to the beginning of a separate carriageway for westbound through traffic to Honeygo Boulevard. Traffic coming onto MD 43 west from I-95 south will not be able to access it. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


As the main westbound lanes receive traffic from I-95 south, MD 43 approaches its intersection with Honeygo. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


There is another MD 43 reassurance shield for traffic coming off I-95. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


For traffic just off I-95 or those that missed the first turn, the White Marsh hub is at left at the next signal after Honeygo. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


A close-up of the Honeygo signal, which was reconfigured in 2022. A different setup of this intersection was the west end of MD 43 for more than two decades until the early 1990s. Honeygo Boulevard itself is another eastern Baltimore County trafficway that opened in phases, the final one to US 1 opening in 2010. In White Marsh, it circles around the east and south sides of the mall. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Moving on from Honeygo, MD 43 from here onward was the penultimate phase of the highway to be constructed, preceding the Middle River extension. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The speed limit has gone up to 50 miles per hour. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Perry Hall Boulevard is intersected in a quarter of a mile. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


This intersection represents the remaining westbound traffic light serving White Marsh. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Remaining mall-bound traffic may turn left up ahead. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Perry Hall Boulevard begins as Lillian Holt Drive in Overlea just inside the Beltway, and ends up at Silver Spring Road just to the north of here. A separate dual-carriageway street off Chapel Road further north bearing the name suggests it was to be continuous through the Perry Hall area. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


MD 43 now properly leaves White Marsh behind. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The median now becomes wider, and the highway begins a curve to the right. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Soon, it changes course and eases leftward. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Another traffic signal is approaching; this one is situated at an access road to US 1 (Belair Road). Photo taken 02-04-2024.


A sign at the signal points the way to US 1 north. In that direction, US 1 passes straight through Perry Hall, eventually exiting the area just south of a crossing of the Gunpowder Falls. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


MD 43 west of the ramp to US 1 south, half a mile ahead, is weight-restricted. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


As it curves right again, the highway's speed limit is still 50. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The ramp to US 1 south comes just after US 1 itself crosses over MD 43. Southbound, US 1 passes through Fullerton before entering northeast Baltimore, and can also be used to reach the inner loop (east) of I-695. Opposite the US 1 ramp is Perry Hills Road; both are accessed from a signalized intersection. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


US 1's bridge over MD 43 is dedicated to two Maryland military veterans, Eric M. Houck and Christopher O. Moudry. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The pair of ramps between MD 43 west and US 1 south is at right, and Perry Hills Road is at left, leading into a Walmart parking lot. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The outer loop (west) of I-695 is now directly accessed through MD 43 west. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Walther Boulevard, the last road intersected by MD 43, lies ahead. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Walther Boulevard is once again a signalized intersection. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Roughly representing the line between Fullerton and Parkville, Walther Boulevard goes south from the signal ahead to Rossville Boulevard (and Putty Hill Avenue), and north to East Joppa Road. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The Walther signal up-close. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


As it nears its western terminus at Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway), MD 43's median becomes a narrow concrete barrier. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


I-695 is reached in a quarter of a mile; meanwhile, grass once again appears in the median. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


The two westbound lanes are preparing to consolidate into one. Photo taken 02-04-2024.


Traffic from MD 43 west now defaults onto the outer loop of I-695, running north of the Baltimore city line and passing through Parkville headed toward Towson. In the other direction, there is a ramp from the inner loop of I-695 that becomes MD 43 east. Photo taken 02-04-2024.

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