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Maryland Route 4 north - Sunderland to Upper Marlboro

Maryland Route 4 heads north in the Sunderland area of Calvert County, past its split with Maryland Route 2. MD 4 becomes known as Southern Maryland Boulevard here, while MD 2 takes the name of Solomons Island Road, the name both routes bear during their concurrency. Dunkirk is five miles to the north, Bristol in far-southern Anne Arundel County 10 miles away, and Upper Marlboro, the seat of Prince George's County, in 16 miles. Photo taken 11-14-2016.

As for almost its entire length in Calvert County, MD 4 is a four-lane divided highway here. A series of steep hills, in some cases with each carriageway at uneven elevations to each other, marks its segment in Calvert's far north. Photo taken 11-14-2016.

The highway comes up on an intersection with Lord Baltimore Drive, leading into a residential neighborhood. Photo taken 11-14-2016.

The next intersection is with Briscoe Turn Road, leading southwest to Maryland Route 262, and Skinners Turn Road, which goes east back to MD 2. Photo taken 11-14-2016.

The intersection contains flashing yellow lights, along with flashing red lights for the intersecting roads. Photo taken 11-14-2016.

Just further ahead, the highway approaches a full traffic signal at Chaneyville Road. The Friday Creek winery is accessible from that road. Photo taken 11-14-2016.

MD 4 reassurance follows the traffic light and a separate intersection with Fowler Road. Photo taken 11-14-2016.

A handful of houses line the northbound lanes of the highway a short distance further. Photo taken 11-14-2016.

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