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Maryland Route 30 north

Maryland Route 30, Hanover Pike, proceeds north from the intersection of Maryland Route 128/Butler Road in Reisterstown, just west of Glyndon and east of the northern terminus of Interstate 795. An old alignment of the highway, Old Hanover Road, sits at right. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

The right lane of the highway is preparing to end. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

The road settles into a two-lane configuration, and its speed limit is 50 miles per hour. An MTA bus is seen pulling out of the lot on Old Hanover Road. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

The highway proceeds to pass through a significantly tree-filled area, also passing the Reisterstown Lumber Company. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

Following that is a bridge over a rail line that proceeds to follow the north branch of the Patapsco River into Carroll County. It is a spur of a rail line that runs southward into northwest Baltimore. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

MD 30 then climbs slightly uphill, away from the Reisterstown hub, with a short break in the trees. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

The route then intersects another segment of Old Hanover Road, which leads to another residential road, Kemp Road, and does not connect with the segment to the south. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

The route goes downhill, then back up as it breaks away from the trees into more open land. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

Shortly afterward, MD 30 comes across a signalized intersection with Rue Saint Lo Drive, which leads into Camp Fretterd, a camp of the Civil Air Patrol of the U.S. Air Force. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

The other of the two above-mentioned rail lines becomes visible here as it parallels MD 30 to its east. It goes on to wind through northeastern Carroll County before ending up in Pennsylvania. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

The route prepares to intersect Glen Falls Road and another segment of Old Hanover Road at a staggered crossroads This portion of Old Hanover Road notably leads to the area of Boring a short distance northward. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

MD 30 reassurance follows those intersections. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

More trees surround the highway as it goes downhill again. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

The next intersection is with Mount Gilead Road, which leads a short distance west to a same-name cemetery. Photo taken 07-15-2016.

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