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Maryland Route 24 south - Bel Air to Edgewood

Maryland Route 24 splits from U.S. Route 1, the Bel Air Bypass, here and proceeds south toward the commercial district of Bel Air, the seat of Harford County. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

The speed limit for now is 50 miles per hour. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

As it proceeds downhill, the route prepares to expand into a four-lane divided highway. Meanwhile, the left lane of the northbound carriageway becomes the northbound lane of this brief two-way trafficway, providing access to southbound US 1. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

The carriageways split here. On the northbound side is a lane split in which the right lane becomes a very long ramp to US 1 northbound. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

A ramp from US 1 northbound merges in ahead, and southbound MD 24 thus becomes two lanes. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

The speed limit drops to 40 up ahead. MD 24 from here to Interstate 95 several miles southward is known as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, and opened by Thanksgiving 1987 as a replacement for old MD 24 through downtown Bel Air and Abingdon, which became Route 924. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

Boulton Street is the first of several traffic lights in this direction. It was a last-minute addition to the route prior to its opening; the only planned light sat one block to the south. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

The Boulton Street light, which sits on the northeast side of Harford Mall. Turning left here leads into George Street toward some of Harford County's government buildings, while hanging a right brings you to Harford Mall's north entrance, the mall annex and Tollgate Road. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

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