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Maryland Route 24 north - Edgewood to Bel Air

Maryland Route 24 runs northward away from its interchange with Interstate 95 in the Abingdon area of Harford County, and approaches a separate diamond interchange with Maryland Route 924, which has its south end there, and Tollgate Road. A narrow concrete median separates MD 24 proper from the lanes leading to MD 924 and Tollgate. MD 924 is MD 24's former routing through Abingdon and Bel Air. Tollgate Road leads west a few feet to the Constant Friendship retail strip. Photo taken 07-17-2023.

The onramp from MD 924 and Tollgate merges onto northbound MD 24 ahead. This ramp also carries traffic coming from I-95 northbound, which has to go through the traffic signal at MD 924 and Tollgate. Photo taken 07-17-2023.

MD 24 reassurance follows shortly thereafter. Photo taken 07-17-2023.

The speed limit is 55 miles per hour, an increase from 50 at the two preceding interchanges. Photo taken 07-17-2023.

The Upper Chesapeake Medical Center ("Hospital") is four miles to the north, downtown Bel Air four and a half miles, and mainline U.S. Route 1 is reached in five miles. Photo taken 07-17-2023.

A traffic signal at Singer Road approaches. This is MD 24's last light prior to I-95 since the removal of the light that used to sit at MD 924 and Tollgate. Photo taken 07-17-2023.

A look at the Singer Road light in the middle of the intersection. Photo taken 07-17-2023.

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