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Maryland Route 22 west

Maryland Route 22 proceeds west from an entrance to the Aberdeen Proving Ground, toward the city of Aberdeen. From here to Interstate 95 it is known as the Aberdeen Thruway. The end of East Bel Air Avenue, part of MD 22's original routing through Aberdeen, sits just behind. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

As a lane from Research Way merges in, a sign indicates that the speed limit is 50 miles per hour; in the other direction it is only 40, due to the APG gate approach. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

U.S. Route 40 intersects a mile ahead, while I-95 sits three miles away. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

The route first expands from two to three lanes here, approaching a traffic signal at Post and Old Post roads. Meanwhile, a sound barrier lines the eastbound carriageway. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

The Post/Old Post traffic light. Post Road runs into a residential section of Aberdeen's south side, while Old Post Road is Maryland Route 132B, which is signed along other portions as just MD 132; it leads to US 40 between Aberdeen and Havre de Grace municipal boundaries. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

The speed limit is still 50 as MD 22 approaches its interchange with US 40. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

The far-right lane ends just ahead, only to promptly re-appear as the ramp to US 40 east. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

On this directional sign, Bel Air, the seat of Harford County, represents MD 22's west end. "Aberdeen" specifically indicates the city's downtown, while Havre de Grace is the first city eastbound on US 40 from here. Photo taken 01-15-2022.

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