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Maryland Route 100 west

Maryland Route 100, known here as the Paul T. Pitcher Memorial Highway, heads westbound past an onramp from Maryland Route 10 (Arundel Expressway) and Maryland Route 177, its business route for its easternmost few miles, just west of Pasadena in Anne Arundel County. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

Exit 16A, a cloverleaf ramp serving Maryland Route 2 (Ritchie Highway) southbound toward Pasadena and Annapolis, is just ahead (exit 16B is for MD 177 and indirectly serves MD 10 as well). MD 177 has its western end at MD 2 at what would conventionally be the northeastern quadrant of the interchange. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

The exit 16A gore sign. MD 2 heads southeast through Severna Park and Arnold en route to merging onto U.S. Route 50/301 just prior to a crossing of the Severn River northeast of Annapolis, Maryland's capital. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

As it receives an onramp from MD 2 south, MD 100 passes under the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail, which forms part of the East Coast Greenway, a Florida-to-Maine biking trail. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

The highway passes south of the Marley Station Mall as a reassurance shield follows the preceding exit. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

Exit 15 is the next exit and serves Oakwood Road, which leads the the Baltimore-Washington Medical Center and runs through residential areas on the south side of Glen Burnie, as well as the north side of Millersville. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

In the meantime, the highway crosses over Marley Creek, although the bridge is completely paved over. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

Exit 15 is just ahead. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

The exit 15 offramp and gore sign. A sign along the offramp points to Oak Manor Drive, which parallels the north side of MD 100 for a distance, and to the hospital. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

MD 100 crosses over Oakwood Road afterward. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

The highway then receives traffic from Oakwood Road. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

MD 100 reassurance follows the exit. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

Maryland Route 174/Quarterfield Road - exit 14, which is not noted on this sign - is three-quarters of a mile away. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

The exit number, however, is marked on the next sign a quarter of a mile further ahead, which is much smaller and appears to have been mounted onto what was the right pole of a dismantled overhead gantry. In the median of the highway, just cut off in this photo, sits a similar sign marking the distance to exit 13, an interchange with Interstate 97. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

MD 100 proceeds to cross over the Robert Crain Highway, which in this area bears the designation of Maryland Route 3 Business, a leftover from when I-97 was an earnest part of the MD 3 corridor. Additionally, situated in the median is a sign noting the Baltimore/Washington International Airport can be reached via I-97 north, which can be taken one exit to Maryland Route 176. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

The North Arundel Medical Center is visible in the distance as MD 100 curves rightward. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

Exit 14 is just ahead; it is a partial, eastbound exit and westbound entrance interchange. Exit 13 for I-97 is half a mile past this point. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

The gore sign for exit 14. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

MD 100 west is now marked as going toward Ellicott City, the seat of Howard County to the west, while exit 13B for I-97 north toward Baltimore, via the Harbor Tunnel Thruway (I-895), is just ahead on the right. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

The ramp to I-97 north is just ahead, while the ramp to I-97 south toward Annapolis is half a mile away. MD 100's interchange with I-97 opened in multiple phases as MD 100 was constructed. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

Exit 13B is reached, and a ramp speed of 50 miles per hour is noted on the accompanying gantry. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

The gore sign for I-97 northbound. Visible in the distance is a sign along the ramp for I-97's exit 15, serving MD 176 or Aviation Boulevard (MD 162), depending on direction, both serving points in the BWI region. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

Prior to exit 13A, MD 100 crosses over the ramp from northbound I-97 to westbound MD 100, which it will receive a short distance ahead. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

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