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Maryland Route 24 north - Bel Air to Pennsylvania line


Maryland Route 924 (Rock Spring Avenue) reaches its northern terminus north of downtown Bel Air, in Harford County, at an interchange with U.S. Route 1, the Bel Air Bypass. On this side of the interchange, northbound Maryland Route 24 enters from a cloverleaf ramp from northbound US 1 at right. MD 24 north is marked as going toward Forest Hill and Rocks, and US 1 south to Baltimore, on a sign at right obscured by a bush. MD 24 itself historically passed through downtown Bel Air along the course of present MD 924. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Ahead at right, across from the Marywood park and ride, sits the end of the ramp from US 1 south to MD 24 north/MD 924 south. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Southbound MD 24's ramp to US 1 south is at left, and MD 24 north is marked going straight. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The traffic signal up ahead intersects Red Pump Road (left) and Bynum Road (right). Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Bynum Road leads from here east to a roundabout at Water Tower Way in the Hickory area, while Red Pump serves some residential areas on Bel Air's northwest. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Feet later, a signal sits at Forest Valley Drive (left) and the entrance to the Bel Air North Village shopping center (right). Photo taken 05-21-2024.


As MD 24 starts downhill, it encounters the east end of Spenceola Parkway, a loop through the Spenceola Farms residential development. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The other end of Spenceola Parkway is at an impending traffic signal at the bottom of the hill that also handles Dellcrest Drive. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The route's right lane used to end here, but now ends a distance past the intersection. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


At left, Dellcrest Drive leads to Ross Road which connects it with Red Pump Road. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The extended right-turn lane will halt at Wagner Way ahead. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Approaching Wagner Way, the lane line becomes solid, indicating no changing lanes. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


MD 24 now briefly becomes one lane in each direction. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Expanding back to four lanes and receiving a concrete median, MD 24 reaches a traffic signal at Osborne Parkway (left) and Colgate Drive (right). Named for a local farming family, Osborne Parkway is the main drag through the immense Forest Lakes subdivision, and leads out to Grafton Shop Road to the west. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Ahead at right past Osborne/Colgate is Maurice Drive, which leads to the parallel Klein Plaza Drive. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Multiple signs to the right state the soon-to-disappear right lane is reserved for traffic turning onto Myers Drive, another connector to Klein Plaza. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


MD 24 is approaching its junction with Maryland Route 23 (East-West Highway). Meanwhile, Rock Spring Church Road (left) and Tower Plaza Drive (right) are intersected ahead. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The center of Forest Hill is straight ahead, Jarrettsville to the left, and Hickory to the right. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


MD 23 east can also be used to reach a VEIP emissions testing facility via Water Tower Way, Granary Road and Robin Circle. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Most of East-West Highway opened in 1965, taking MD 23 from Jarrettsville Road just to the north. From Water Tower Way eastward, it opened in 2000 in conjunction with US 1's bypass of Hickory, an essential extension of the Bel Air Bypass. MD 23 still runs along its original alignment north and west of Jarrettsville to the Pennsylvania line via Madonna, Shawsville and Norrisville. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


This MD 24 reassurance marker follows MD 23. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The speed limit on approach to Forest Hill is 45 miles per hour. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Forest Hill proper is displayed as being one mile away. A previous iteration of this sign also included a five-mile distance to Rocks State Park. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


At right, Newport Drive serves various commercial interests. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Intersected next is North Forest Drive, accessing the same-name residential community. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Past North Forest, the speed limit drops to 30 miles per hour. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The route goes slightly downward and prepares to intersect Jarrettsville Road, the original Jarrettsville-to-Hickory segment of MD 23. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Harford County's Board of Elections and the Forest Hill Industrial Airpark ("Airport") are to the right at the signal. The Forest Hill post office, meanwhile, is situated ahead. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Jarrettsville Road is split into west and east segments. Going east from Jarrettsville itself, address numbers decrease, then start back up from 0 at Forest Hill. This is additionally the final traffic signal northbound on MD 24, which still has 11 miles remaining in its course. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Now known as Rocks Road, MD 24 passes the Centre United Methodist Church and Forest Hill Elementary School. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The route's shoulders have become virtually non-existent as it passes by rows of houses on either side. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Eventually, the route curves downhill into more open land. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The speed limit has gone up to 40. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The highway goes slightly uphill before meeting Chestnut Hill Road. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Chestnut Hill Road serves several residential developments on Forest Hill's northern fringes, eventually reaching Maryland Route 543 north of Hickory. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The route now goes straight ahead toward its next intersection, at Grier Nursery Road. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Named for a tree and plant nursery below Deer Creek, Grier Nursery Road runs nearly seven miles northeast to Maryland Route 165 in the area of Pylesville, where it becomes Maryland Route 624 (Graceton Road); the two entities combined parallel MD 24 to the Pennsylvania line. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


After Grier Nursery, MD 24 eases downward into a swath of trees, and approaches a forked intersection with Sharon Road. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Sharon Road intersects multiple roads that serve Jarrettsville's far-east, and will loop back around to MD 24 later on. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The route goes considerably downhill before curving wide right. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Between curves, MD 24 intersects Stone Haven Drive. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


A wide curve to the left follows. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The highway dips downward, then back up amid a break in the trees. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Passing through more trees, the route straightens out momentarily. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


A sign at right warns of an S-curve ahead. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Still more trees envelop the highway amid these curves. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Straightening out again, the route approaches Fern Cliff Lane (alternately spelled Ferncliff), a residential driveway. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The speed limit remains 40 for the time being. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Leveling off, the route is about to begin paralleling Deer Creek. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


A series of curves is approaching. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Nearing the first of these curves, the speed limit drops to 25. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


That curve is seen here. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


To the right, the route is separated from Deer Creek by a row of bushes. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


At right sits a recently-removed bridge over the creek to a farm. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Ahead, MD 24 receives the other end of Sharon Road. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Mile markers begin appearing as MD 24 makes its way into Rocks State Park. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Once again, the route curves wide left. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Midway through another curve, it will intersect Cherry Hill Road. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Cherry Hill Road, at right, leads east to MD 543, crossing paths with Grier Nursery Road in the process. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The road straightens out momentarily, but more curves are approaching. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


At mile marker 17.7, there is a rock formation to the left. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The speed limit is still only 25 miles per hour. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


At right sits access to Deer Creek for kayakers and tubers. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Just off-photo to the right is an old Ma and Pa railroad trestle on the east bank of the creek. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Another curve-and-intersection greets drivers a few feet ahead. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The intersecting road is Rocks Chrome Hill Road, accessing the park's office and Camp Wo-Me-To. Also within this curve, MD 24 crosses Gladden Branch, a Deer Creek tributary. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The route goes slightly uphill after that intersection, now going due north, and the speed limit is still 25. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


A leftward S-curve is up ahead. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


At mile marker 18.5, there is a pedestrian crossing that transitions into one of Rocks' trails. These trails are color-coded red, green, orange and white. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


A tenth of a mile later, there is another pedestrian crossing between the creek and a designated rapids area parking lot. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


St. Clair Bridge Road intersects MD 24 ahead. A wooden sign here refers to a "picnic area" in that direction (there are in fact three). This also leads to the access road up to Rocks' centerpiece, a rock formation and scenic overlook known as the King and Queen Seat. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


MD 24's own bridge over the creek, with truss casing, is just after the intersection, with a vertical clearance of 14 feet, 7 inches. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


Forking off at left, St. Clair Bridge Road leads northwest out of the park to MD 165, in the process intersecting North Bend Road, one of the Jarrettsville area's more significant residential roads. Meanwhile, after a wide bend in its course, Deer Creek parallels St. Clair Bridge Road for a distance. Photo taken 05-21-2024.


The first intersection after the bridge is Rocks Station Road, its name referring to the railroad station that once sat there. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


At this time, the land to the right opens up and the speed limit increases to 40 miles per hour. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


At mile marker 19, the route approaches a parking lot for hunters on the left. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Fully exiting Rocks State Park, MD 24 nears another set of winding curves. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Between two of those curves, another swarm of trees mobs the highway. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Within the next curve, mile marker 19.2 is mostly obscured by a bush. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


A 20 MPH speed limit is recommended within the next pair of turns. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Coen Road intersects the highway just beyond mile marker 19.4. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


A former ice cream stand is situated at Coen Road. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Mile marker 19.6 is located just after the intersection. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Within another bend in the road, MD 24 will intersect Davis Road. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Davis Road goes east along the Geneva Farms golf course out to Grier Nursery Road. It is also at this intersection where MD 24's mile markers stop being posted. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The route now goes straight through mostly open land. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


There is a slight curve to the left, and the route goes uphill. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Holy Cross Road meets MD 24 at a crossroads ahead. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Holy Cross Road runs west to St. Clair Bridge Road, and east to Grier Nursery, where it becomes Street Road running through the community of Street. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Afterward, the route goes back downhill. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


A wide curve to the left then occurs, with fields on either side. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


MD 24 now approaches its first major junction in several miles at Maryland Route 165. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Previously a four-way flasher, the meeting of MD 24 and MD 165 is now a roundabout. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


A sign before the roundabout indicates this being part of the Mason and Dixon Scenic Byway, whose path also includes parts of northern Carroll and Baltimore counties. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


MD 165 goes south as Federal Hill Road to Jarrettsville, and north as Pylesville Road to Pylesville and then to Delta, Pennsylvania. MD 165 north also encounters the trio of North Harford Elementary, Middle and High schools a stone's throw away. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


MD 24's northbound control city here is Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania (southbound, Bel Air has the honor). Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Immediately after the roundabout, MD 24 intersects Old Federal Hill Road North (left) and Old Pylesville Road South (right). The former intersects Stansbury Road just a few feet away. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


As the route becomes tree-covered again, a MD 24 reassurance shield is seen at right. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The speed limit now increases to 50 miles per hour. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


However, there is a recommended 40 MPH speed through two oncoming curves. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The route shortly emerges out of the trees into farmland. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The road glides downward, then curves wide left. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Then, it straightens and mostly levels out for a distance. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Subsequently, trees sit by the right side of the route as it curves left again. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Easing downward, MD 24 nears a crossing of St. Mary's Road. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


One of Pylesville's significant residential roads, St. Mary's Road (named for an area Catholic church) runs from Clermont Mill Road just to the west, to the mainline of Old Pylesville Road just east of MD 165. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


After St. Mary's Road, the route goes under a powerline and then has a dip. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The road proceeds upward again and has a very small hillcrest. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


It then goes downhill and curves right. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


MD 24 is about to intersect Maryland Route 136. The only traffic controls at this intersection are stop signs in each direction of MD 136. The Fiore winery can be accessed by turning right (south) onto MD 136 and going just over a mile. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


MD 136 goes nominally north (but physically west) as Harkins Road to its northwest end at MD 23 just south of Norrisville, and nominally south (physically east) as Whiteford Road, turning physically south before intersecting MD 165 and passing through Whiteford. Additionally, Clermont Mill Road has its north end at MD 24 just inches behind MD 136. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Past MD 136, MD 24's speed limit remains at 50. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The route goes straight, soon easing downward, with an open field to the right. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Up ahead is a wide curve to the right; the recommended speed is 35 miles per hour. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Prior to the curve, MD 24 intersects Constitution Road, which leads to the point on the state line where Pennsylvania Route 851 turns north from Graceton Road onto Bryansville Road; the former eventually turns into Maryland. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The curve is situated here. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


After the curve, the route straightens out amid moderate tree cover. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Linkous Road then intersects the route prior to another light curve left. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


One of a number of North Harford roads named for farming families, Linkous Road cuts southwest back to MD 136. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The highway emerges into open land following that intersection. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


A much wider curve to the left sits ahead. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Trees line the left side of the highway within the curve. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Then, the route glides downhill through a stretch of open land. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


After going uphill once more, MD 24 approaches its final northbound intersection, at McDermott Road. It goes west to Fawn Grove Road and northeast into Fawn Township, Pennsylvania, crossing PA 851 and ending up at Mount Olivet Church Road. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


Past McDermott, there sits a farm field at left and trees to the right. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


A 35 MPH rightward curve is ahead. Faintly visible in the distance is the steeple of the Fawn Grove Community Church. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


A guardrail lines the left side of the highway along the curve. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


The route then goes slightly downhill before the state line. Photo taken 05-26-2024.


MD 24 now reaches its northern terminus and enters Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania, shortly reaching PA 851 on the east side of the borough. Photo taken 05-26-2024.

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