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Interstate 97 north


On the south side of Glen Burnie, Maryland, Interstate 97 approaches exit 13, which intersects Maryland Route 174/Quarterfield Road. The highway's following two exits - the latter of which directly serves the Baltimore/Washington International Airport - are displayed on the left side of the pictured gantry. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


A sign just further ahead points the way to exit 13. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Exit 13 sits a few feet ahead. MD 174 runs a short distance east toward downtown Glen Burnie, as well as west to the Fort Meade area. Meanwhile, exit 14, an interchange with the Maryland Route 100 freeway, is half a mile north of this gantry. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


A view of the exit 13 gore. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


I-97 passes under MD 174 as the MD 100 interchange, with control cities Gibson Island eastbound and Ellicott City in neighboring Howard County westbound, approaches. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


The ramps to each direction of MD 100 part ways with northbound I-97 just ahead at right. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


A closer look at the exit 14 gore sign, which has a MD 100 sign on it. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


There is an I-97 reassurance shield attached to the median pole of the gantry billing the next exit, 15, leading to Maryland Route 176/Dorsey Road and the south side of the BWI complex. Exit 15A leads to a park-and-ride as well as the Cromwell station of the Baltimore light rail. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


MD 100 crosses over I-97 here by way of two bridges, one for each of its directions of travel. The bridges are dedicated to Gregg Presbury, a Maryland state trooper who was killed in 1977 during a traffic stop just north of this spot, when I-97 was part of MD 3. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


As a flyover ramp to westbound MD 100 passes over the Interstate, a sign directs interests to the Hanover area - home to the Arundel Mills Mall - as well as the Glen Burnie barracks of Maryland State Police, to use exit 15B. The police station is within clear sight of I-97. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


At far-right, northbound I-97 then receives traffic from either direction of MD 100. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


As the Interstate prepares to pass under Stewart Avenue, separate signs for exits 15A and B are displayed overhead. The far-right northbound through lane doubles as the exit lane for MD 176 west toward the airport. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Exit 15A separates from the highway at right for Glen Burnie. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


MD 176 is referred to by its street name, Dorsey Road, as I-97 crosses over it. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Exit 15B is now reached. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Exit 15B is a cloverleaf ramp that funnels exiting traffic back under I-97 at the end of the ramp. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


I-97 reassurance comes after the exit as it continues northward along the western edge of Glen Burnie. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Exit 16, intersecting Maryland Route 648/Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard and serving the community of Ferndale on the northeast side of BWI (and yes, Glen Burnie) is hastily announced as being a quarter of a mile ahead. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Exit 16 is just ahead with a hard-right offramp. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


The exit 16 gore sign. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Traffic from MD 648 now enters northbound I-97 at right. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


There is an I-97 reassurance shield and a leftward curve up ahead. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


A variable message sign at right displays the distance and time to the Key Bridge on the outer loop of the forthcoming Interstate 695. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Intersected by I-97 at exit 17, I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) goes east (outer loop) to the Key Bridge over the tidal Patapsco River and Dundalk, and west (inner loop) to Baltimore (via e.g. the Baltimore-Washington Parkway or Interstate 95) and Towson. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Wellham Avenue passes over the Interstate in the meantime. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Just past I-695, I-97 will reach its north end at a spur to Interstate 895 (Harbor Tunnel Thruway). There are no exits on I-895 north prior to the toll plaza at the south end of the Harbor Tunnel. Tunnel traffic restrictions are noted at right. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Access points for the area Port of Baltimore terminals are noted at left on the next gantry. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


A ramp to MD 648 back toward Ferndale comes in three-quarters of a mile where northbound traffic otherwise defaults onto I-895's B Spur. Meanwhile, exit 17A to the outer loop of I-695 is visible up ahead. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


The exit 17A gore sign. Photo taken 09-04-2023.


Exit 17B then splits off at right. Photo taken 09-04-2023.

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