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Interstate 95 south - Richmond to Petersburg


In Henrico County. Virginia, north of Richmond, Interstate 95 southbound prepares to pass under Interstate 295 at exit 84. At right, traffic coming from I-295 north merges onto I-95 south. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


I-95 now forges south past I-295, three lanes in each direction. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 83, Virginia State Route 73 (Parham Road), is one mile away. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Lodging at exit 83B is listed by a blue sign on the right side of the highway. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 83B also leads to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 83B, leading specifically to VA 73 west, is half a mile ahead. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 83B has been reached, while exit 83A, leading to Parham Road east, comes in a quarter of a mile. Only the portion of Parham Road between I-95 and US 1 less than a mile to the west is in Virginia's state route system; the rest is maintained by Henrico County. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


I-95 passes under Parham Road just prior to exit 83A. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Next up is exit 82, U.S. Route 301 (Chamberlayne Avenue). Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Some points of interest accessible for exit 82 are listed here, including NASCAR's Richmond Raceway. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 82 is here. This interchange also represents the southern terminus of Virginia State Route 2, and is arranged so that US 301's carriageways split apart to allow I-95 to effectively pass through its median. US 301 then ends up on the same side of I-95 (east) as before the interchange. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The exit 82 gore sign. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 79, Interstate 195 south leading to the Powhite Parkway, and Interstate 64 west toward Charlottesville, is two miles from this overhead sign. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


A variable message sign then sits above the highway with an I-95 shield in the background. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 79 furthermore leads to westbound U.S. Route 60 and U.S. Route 360, both leading into central Virginia's Piedmont. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Then, as traffic from US 1 (Brook Road; exit 81 northbound) merges in just behind at right, I-95 passes under Dumbarton Road. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


A curve to the right just further along is accompanied by I-95 reassurance. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


One mile from a subsequent leftward curve, the southbound right lane ends. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Still prior to exit 79, I-95 enters the city limits of Richmond. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 79 sits half a mile from this overhead sign. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Virginia State Route 161 (Lakeside Avenue/Hermitage Road) crosses here. Northbound I-95 has an offramp (exit 80) to it, and as is the case with exit 81, there is only an onramp to I-95 south. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 79 is coming up, delineated for traffic in the far-right lane. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 79 provides access to the University of Richmond by way of I-195. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


A freeway split of sorts occurs here as I-95 south and I-64 east fork off to the left, respectively toward Petersburg and Norfolk, while I-64 west and I-195 south are accessed at right. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 79 has now been reached. A separate offramp goes off from the ramp pictured as a left exit in partially forming the southbound carriageway of I-195, which proceeds three miles and change into the Carytown section of west Richmond, where it becomes the tolled Powhite Parkway (Virginia State Route 76) mentioned on advance signs. As well, the also-tolled Virginia State Route 195 was supposed to be and is a theoretical continuation of I-195 southeast into Richmond's center, passing within four blocks of the state capitol. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Crossing over I-95 here is a ramp carrying traffic from both I-95 north and Virginia State Route 197 (Laburnum Avenue) to I-64 west, with access to I-195 south. There is no direct access between I-95 and Laburnum. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Complementary to exit 80, exit 78 is a southbound exit to and northbound entrance from VA 161, by now named Arthur Ashe Boulevard. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


I-95 crosses over Laburnum Avenue just prior to the I-64 east merge. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Eastbound I-64 traffic then merges in at right. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 78 leads to a tourist information center, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and driver accomodations. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


There are separate lanes for each direction of VA 161 at exit 78. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


After exit 78, an onramp from Robin Hood Road comes in at right, and then I-95 proceeds to curve to the right and cross over Robin Hood. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Interests to Richmond International Airport are directed to exit 75 (I-64 east), still a fair distance away. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Directly leading to Leigh Street (Virginia State Route 33 - not a signage error, but a real state route continuing from the end of U.S. Route 33) and billed as to Belvidere Street (US 1/301), the approaching exit 76B is also another access point to Chamberlayne Avenue (at this point, strictly US 301 north). Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Belvidere Street is one mile from this sign, the I-64 split and third street are in a mile and a half, and Broad Street in two and a half miles. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


I-95 now crosses Overbrook Road. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 76B, three-quarters of a mile away, is the site of three major attractions. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


An emergency pull-off sits just before the exit. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The highway curves wide right after exit 76B and in the midst of exit 75. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


After exit 75, where I-64 leaves the corridor, I-95 reaches exit 74C, Broad Street (US 33/250). The ramp from Broad Street to northbound passes under the Interstate and loops around to the highway. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The exit 74C sign. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


An overhead gantry just further ahead announces the next three exits: exit 73, Maury Street and Commerce Road in one mile; exit 74A, the aforementioned VA 195 leading through downtown to the Powhite Parkway and I-195; and exit 74B, Franklin Street, just ahead. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


At exit 74B, I-95 passes the James Monroe Building, a Commonwealth government building and the tallest in Richmond. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 74A then departs at right as the Interstate begins navigating a viaduct. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


A close-up of exit 74A. This viaduct takes I-95 over Virginia's longest river, the James River, which runs 348 miles from the Appalachian Mountains to a mouth at the Chesapeake Bay in the Hampton Roads. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The Interstate then finds itself in open land passing by the Kinsey Steel property. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Lodging options for exit 69, a few miles away, are displayed at right. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The highway goes on to curve gradually to the right. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 69 leads to the Port of Richmond on the James River, which I-95 is now paralleling to the west. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Yet another interchange with VA 161, now named Bells Road, exit 69 is one mile south of this sign. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


I-95 is now running alongside Commerce Road to the right and is in the perhaps-controversial presence of the corporate offices of Philip Morris USA, as indicated by the pillar with the Marlboro logo. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


As exit 69 approaches, the three through lanes of I-95 south are marked going toward Petersburg. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 67, one and 1/4-miles from this sign attached to Walmsley Boulevard (the road actually intersected by exit 69), is partially an interchange with the south end of Virginia State Route 150 (Chippenham Parkway, to US 360 and US 60). Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The other facility intersected at exit 67 is Virginia State Route 895, a tolled eastward connection to I-295, but there is no direct access to it from I-95 south. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Approaching the interchange, I-95 leaves Richmond and enters Chesterfield County. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 67 is just ahead on the right, while the Interstate's next three exits are listed at left on this gantry. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


A look at the exit 67 gore sign as I-95 approaches the VA 150/895 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Passing over here is the ramp from VA 150 east to I-95 north; at left is the ramp from I-95 north to VA 895 east. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Traffic from each direction of VA 150 is then collected by I-95 south. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The next exit, 64, leads around to the Drewrys Bluff and Fort Darling units of the Richmond National Battlefield Park. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The right lane of the highway ends in a quarter of a mile. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Back down to three southbound lanes, I-95 crosses secondary route 656, Bellwood Road, which goes east into a warehouse complex nearby. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The next crossing is over James River tributary the Kingsland Creek. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 64 - secondary route 613, Willis Road - is ahead at right. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The exit 64 gore sign. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 62 - Virginia State Route 288, a freeway leading to the west end of the Powhite Parkway via Chesterfield, and on to I-64 in the Short Pump area northwest of Richmond - is a mile ahead. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


In the interim, the Interstate crosses over secondary route 608, Reymet Road. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


There is access to an unspecified hospital at the next exit. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 62 now approaches. Not bearing any formal name during its 32 miles, VA 288 acts as an outer beltway for the west side of Greater Richmond. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 61, Virginia State Route 10 toward Chester and Hopewell, is just over a mile past exit 62. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Pocahontas State Park and the Chester campus of Brightpoint Community College are accessed from exit 61B. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 61B, VA 10 west toward Chester, is in half a mile. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 61A meanwhile leads to the City Point unit of the Petersburg National Battlefield. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 61B leaves the highway ahead at right. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 61A, a cloverleaf ramp, follows shortly thereafter. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The exit is followed by I-95 reassurance. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 58, SR 620/746 (Woods Edge Road/Ruffin Mill Road), is in one mile. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 58B (SR 620 west) is ahead to the right. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Following exit 58, I-95 enters the independent city of Colonial Heights via a crossing of Swift Creek. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


A distance ahead, the forthcoming exit 54 in Colonial Heights is billed as playing host to the U.S. Army's Quartermaster's and Women's museums at Fort Gregg-Adams. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Colonial Heights is officially served by that exit and the next. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Off exit 54 are the aforementioned Fort Gregg-Adams and the city of Hopewell, more directly accessible here than back at exit 61. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 54 (Virginia State Route 144, Temple Avenue) is in one mile. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Lodging options at exit 54 are displayed here. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Ellerslie Avenue crosses over the Interstate in the meantime. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Gas stations at the exit, including a competing Wawa, Sheetz and Royal Farms, are listed here. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Meanwhile, the I-85 interchange is three miles away. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 54 is just beyond I-95's crossing of Temple Avenue itself. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 53, Southpark Boulevard, follows in three-quarters of a mile. Crossing in the distance is Conduit Road. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 51 (I-85), which also intersects westbound U.S. Route 460, is two miles ahead. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 53 is in half a mile, and exit 52 (Washington Street/Wythe Street) in one mile. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The exit 53 gore. Getting to Southpark Boulevard from the exit involves multiple sharp curves along Roslyn Road. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 51, with local control cities South Hill and Blackstone, is in one mile. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The Interstate then crosses the Appomattox River. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


I-95 now enters the city of Petersburg. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 52, one-quarter of a mile away, leads to Historic Old Towne Petersburg. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 52, located here, also features a tourist information center. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The exit 52 gore and accompanying signage. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Approaching the I-85 split, I-95 south and US 460 east are jointly listed toward Rocky Mount. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


St. Andrew Street westbound and Mingea Street eastbound cross over the Interstate as the exit 51 complex of ramps commences. Photo taken 10-02-2023.

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