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Interstate 95 south - John F. Kennedy Highway

Interstate 95 pushes past exit 93, serving Maryland Route 222, just outside of Perryville in Cecil County. It now approaches the Tydings Bridge over the Susquehanna River. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

The highway approaches a weigh station, which tractor-trailers drivers are required to go through prior to crossing the bridge. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

The entry to the weigh station, complete with gantry and gore point. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

The toll scales for northbound traffic just coming off the bridge sit to the left side of this photo. Maryland converted to all-electronic tolling in mid-2020, a process that was expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic. The bridge remains free of charge for southbound drivers. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

The weigh station sits ahead of this photo; traffic coming from a roadside Maryland State Police barracks may merge in here. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

The closest view of the weigh scales. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

Truck traffic can now re-enter the highway up ahead; an I-95 shield points them in that direction. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

As the lane prepares to end, the highway crosses over Frenchtown Road. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

Drivers are then provided with reassurance that this is I-95 southbound toward Baltimore, whose center sits about 38 miles ahead. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

The speed limit is 65 miles per hour. Maryland did not raise any portions of I-95 north of Baltimore to 70 miles per hour in 2016, unlike with portions of I-68 and I-70 further west. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

The Tydings Bridge is preceded by a sharp curve at which the speed drops to 55. Photo taken 01-17-2022.

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