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Interstate 95 north - Florence to North Carolina line


Due west of Florence, South Carolina, Interstate 95 heads northeast, away from its interchange with Interstate 20 west/Interstate 20 Business east (exit 160). Traffic coming from westbound I-20 Business merges in at right, and from eastbound mainline I-20, whose national eastbound terminus is here, just further ahead at left. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The onramp from I-20 east becomes a third through lane for I-95 north. More development surrounds I-95 in the Florence area than in most other areas of South Carolina it passes through. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The highway prepares to cross over Hoffmeyer Road. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


There is then an I-95 reassurance shield. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The speed limit through the Florence hub is 60 miles per hour with a minimum of 45. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


An interchange with U.S. Route 52 is in two miles, and Fayetteville, North Carolina is 87 miles away. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


From this direction, Myrtle Beach-bound traffic is advised to take exit 170, eight miles away. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Lodging for the US 52 exit (164) is listed by the blue sign at right. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Also off this exit are the Pee Dee State Farmers Market and visitor center. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Exit 164, from which US 52 goes south to Florence and north to Darlington, is a mile away. A billboard for the local Buc-ee's also stands tall here. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


There is also no shortage of gas stations at this exit. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Exit 164 northbound also leads to the Florence-Darlington Technical College and NASCAR's Darlington International Raceway. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


This overhead sign points the way to exit 164. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Due to the presence of a railroad track running immediately west of US 52, exit 164 is a folded cloverleaf interchange. I-95 crosses over both before the northbound offramp leaves the highway. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Now with a concrete barrier median, I-95 continues northward after receiving traffic from US 52. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A slight curve to the right follows as more billboards line the highway. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


While the minimum speed is still 45 miles per hour, the maximum speed has gone up to 70. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


TV Road (exit 169) is four miles away, and Fayetteville 85 miles. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Approaching McIver Road's crossing of the highway, I-95 curves gradually leftward. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Crossing the High Hill Creek, I-95 makes a brief foray into Darlington County. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


McIver Road then crosses over the highway. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Exit 169, TV Road marked as leading to Quinby and Florence, is in one mile. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Some services at exit 169 are listed here. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


I-95 returns to Florence County prior to the exit. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Exit 169 is imminent. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A close-up of the exit 169 gore sign. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Next up is exit 170, South Carolina Highway 327 toward Marion and Myrtle Beach (via U.S. Route 76 and U.S. Route 501), in three-quarters of a mile. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The Francis Marion University and Florence Airport can be reached from this exit; again, both involving taking US 76 short distances. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


Food options for exit 170 are listed at right. Most crucially, this is the exit of the Florence Buc-ee's. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


The northbound left lane ends one mile from this overhead sign. At the same point, there is a truck restriction that ends. Photo taken 10-05-2023.


A separate overhead sign points the way to exit 170. In the distance sits a northbound I-95 marker. Photo taken 10-05-2023.

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