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Interstate 95 north - Between the Beltways

Just west of College Park, Maryland in Prince George's County, two-lane ramps from each loop of the Capital Beltway (Interstate 495) come together to form the northbound carriageway of Interstate 95, which has just left the outer loop of the Beltway (and, in the other direction, joins the Beltway's inner loop). This is exit 27 for I-95 in Maryland, and downtown Baltimore is about 27 miles to the northeast, with Washington, DC, which I-95 does not go through, a few miles behind. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Exit 29, Maryland Route 212 toward Beltsville and Calverton, is coming up in a mile. Also included on this gantry is a sign with a radio frequency to tune to for information regarding Maryland Route 200 a few miles to the north. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Cherry Hill Road crosses over I-95 before the exit. It leads west to U.S. Route 29 in the White Oak area just next door in Montgomery County, where it becomes Randolph Road. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Food options at exit 29 are displayed here. The same restaurants appear to be listed twice, once for each offramp. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Exit 29 is half a mile away. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Exit 29 is reached as another AM radio frequency is promoted. MD 212 comes out of northeast Washington, DC as Riggs Road and passes through Chillum, Adelphi and Calverton before reaching U.S. Route 1, which I-95 parallels from here to just short of Baltimore, outside of Beltsville. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

A collector-distributor lane handles all ramps of exit 29. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

An array of construction work between the late-2000s and mid-2010s resulted in a grouping of three interchanges being served by the same C/D lanes: exits 31, 32 and 33, the second of which was newly-constructed as part of the project. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

MD 212 crosses over I-95 in the meantime. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Services and intricacies relevant to the next exits are touted by this blue sign. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

The northbound lanes receive the onramp from MD 212 westbound here. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

At the upcoming complex of interchanges, Interstates 370 and 270 in the Gaithersburg area of Montgomery County can be reached by taking Maryland Route 200 west, and Laurel is accessible from Maryland Route 198. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

The lanes for the exits are approaching. MD 200 is the tolled Intercounty Connector and was built in the early 2010s after decades of planning and delays. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

The toll rates for each direction of MD 200 from here are displayed by this sign. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Traffic for exits 31 through 33 leave I-95 now. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Six miles from here sits a rest area that functions as a Maryland welcome center for northbound traffic. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

A flyover ramp from eastbound MD 200 to northbound I-95 crosses over the highway here. The ramp to the northbound lanes from MD 200 west is received by the C/D roadway rather than I-95 proper. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

A little further ahead, just shy of exit 32, interests to the Baltimore/Washington International Airport are directed to use Interstate 195, 15 miles to the north. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

The highway's far-right lane ends half a mile beyond this yellow sign. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

I-95 then passes under MD 198, with a sign for exit 33B, MD 198 west toward Burtonsville in Montgomery County, visible here. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Some of the food options at the next exit, 35, are then displayed. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

An I-95 reassurance shield sits at mile marker 34, with the Brooklyn Bridge Road overpass in the distance. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Truck services, namely a full truck stop, are provided six miles to the north at exit 41. The next truck services after that are at exit 57 in east Baltimore. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

I-95 proceeds to cross over the Patuxent River into Howard County. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

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