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Interstate 895 south

At the Baltimore county/city line, Interstate 895 - the Harbor Tunnel Thruway - begins by parting ways with southbound Interstate 95. This is designated as exit 62 of I-95 and is known locally as the "95/895 split" or just "the split". Photo taken 08-28-2023.

The first exit is numbered 14 and intersects Moravia Road. As the exit approaches, I-95's southbound express lanes are seen at far-left preparing to merge onto southbound I-895. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

I-895 is height-restricted due to the tunnel a few miles ahead, and all vehicles detected as such by a scanner at this spot are directed by flashers at the top of the sign to exit when they activate. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

Exit 14 is just ahead as southbound I-895 receives express traffic at left. The lane just left of the exit lane will disappear shortly, with one of the express lanes becoming a through lane for I-895. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

Before the exit, Moravia Park Drive, a road mainly serving industrial properties, crosses over I-895. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

Exit 14 is at right. I-95 express traffic has separate access to Moravia Road at left. This was originally exit 1 of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (the official name of most of I-95 from Baltimore's eastern city limit to the Delaware line) when it opened in 1963. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

I-895 passes under Moravia Road as the right lane ends. Moravia Road itself begins a short distance east of here at I-95 and has its own interchange with U.S. Route 40; it then runs northwest from this point to Harford Road, where it becomes Cold Spring Lane. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

As the onramp from Moravia Road comes in, drivers are formally welcomed to the Harbor Tunnel Thruway. From this point to U.S. Route 1 in Elkridge a distance outside of the city, it opened in 1957 and was one of Baltimore's original freeways, alongside part of the Jones Falls Expressway (Interstate 83). The Thruway, which did not receive Interstate designation for more than two decades, superseded US 1 and US 40 as a long-distance trafficway through Baltimore well before I-95 did. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

The highway proceeds to cross over Herring Run, a tributary of the Back River. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

I-895 will become a toll road in one miles, and will remain that way until it ends. I-895 became cashless in 2020 along with Maryland's other toll facilities. Exit 12, Lombard Street, is the last exit before all traffic is forced to go through the Harbor Tunnel and pay the toll. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

Off exit 12 are Johns Hopkins' Bayview hospital and Baltimore's Greektown neighborhood. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

I-895 passes under Pulaski Highway (US 40), which has ramps to and from northbound I-895, followed by Mapleton Avenue, a connector between US 40 and Erdman Avenue. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

The highway then crosses over a series of railroad tracks, adjacent to CSX's Bayview Yard. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

I-895 reassurance precedes exit 12. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

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