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Interstate 83 north - Jones Falls Expressway

President Street, the southward extension of Interstate 83 in downtown Baltimore, crosses Lombard Street as it proceeds northward toward the beginning of I-83 proper. Photo taken 08-22-2016.

As at Lombard, an I-83 shield sits here at the light for Baltimore Street. Shot Tower sits off-photo to the right. Photo taken 08-22-2016.

President Street reaches Fayette Street, and I-83 now begins. I-83 was supposed to pass through Fells Point and reach Interstate 95 at Canton before the remaining few miles were cancelled. Photo taken 08-22-2016.

The first northbound I-83 shield, located in the median, is faded. As opposed to I-95 nearby, and like most of Baltimore's numbered roads, I-83 is maintained by the Baltimore City Department of Transportation. Photo taken 08-22-2016.

I-83 proceeds northward along a viaduct, with the Orleans Street Bridge in the distance carrying U.S. Route 40 over the highway. From here to Interstate 695, I-83 is named the Jones Falls Expressway. Photo taken 08-22-2016.

A closer look at the Orleans Street Bridge. Photo taken 08-22-2016.

A ramp to Chase Street sits ahead. Photo taken 08-22-2016.

Meanwhile, an entrance ramp comes in from Madison Street. Photo taken 08-22-2016.

Chase Street is exit 3 for I-83's northbound carriageway (southbound, Guilford Avenue has the honors). An exit for North Avenue lies ahead, with the Baltimore Zoo being accessible from the next exit after that. Photo taken 08-22-2016.

The speed limit is 40 miles per hour as a ramp from the Fallsway comes in, the highway prepares to pass under Chase Street, and a sharp leftward curve approaches. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

I-83 next passes under the Fallsway, followed by Biddle Street. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

An I-83 reassurance marker precedes the highway's crossing of Preston Street and a shift from a due north alignment to almost due west. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

The highway passes under Guilford as it begins its curve. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

An overpass for Calvert Street, the northbound carriageway of Maryland Route 2, sits here. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

Likewise, I-83 passes under southbound MD 2, St. Paul Street, next. St. Paul is served by exit 4 of I-83 south. The next two northbound exits - exit 6 for North Avenue, which carries U.S. Route 1 and an otherwise-unsigned truck route for US 40 through the area, and exit 7 for 28th Street and Druid Hill - are announced here. Photo taken 08-19-2016.

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