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Interstate 83 north - Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway

After splitting from the Baltimore Beltway at exit 24, Interstate 83 becomes the Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway, and heads north through the Lutherville-Timonium area of Baltimore County, approaching exit 16 for Timoniu Road. In the distance is the Seminary Avenue overpass. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Jersey barriers line either side of the highway as what will become the ramp to eastbound Timonium Road lingers. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Exit 16A for Timonium Road east toward its namesake community, and the Maryland State Fairgrounds, is just ahead. Timonium Road runs east to an intersection with York Road (MD 45), then out to Dulaney Valley Road (MD 146). I-83's control city here is York, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Exit 16B for Timonium Road west follows; it leads to the Mays Chapel area and out to Falls Road (MD 25). The next exit, exit 17 for Padonia Road, is a mile north of this gantry. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Half a mile northward, exit 17 is announced by a ground-mounted sign, with its services indicated below. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Exit 17 branches off up ahead, and exit 18, for Warren Road leading to the center of Cockeysville, is 1 3/4 mile away. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

I-83 passes mile marker 17, actually a few miles off due to its truncation in Baltimore city, after Padonia Road. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

An I-83 north reassurance shield then comes. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Exit 18 is reached. It is a partial, northbound-exit and southbound-entrance interchange, thus there is no exit ramp southbound. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

The highway proceeds north past Warren Road. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

After the Warren Road exit, exit 20 for Shawan Road, serving the Hunt Valley area on the north side of Cockeysville, is a mile away. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Hunt Valley is off exit 20A, while the Oregon Ridge park is accessible from exit 20B. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

The right lane of I-83 north ends at exit 20, as indicated by the exit's final advance sign. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Exit 20 is an eight-ramp cloverleaf, and exit 20A for Shawan Road east to the Hunt Valley Town Center leaves the highway first. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Exit 20B prepares to leave the highway as it receives traffic from Shawan Road east. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

The onramp from Shawan Road west merges in. I-83 narrows to two lanes in each direction on that note, and will be more rural in nature for the remainder of its time in Maryland. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

The highway proceeds to go downhill, now with a narrower median. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

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