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Interstate 795 south


Southbound Interstate 795, bound for the area of Goldsboro, North Carolina, encounters a crossing of the Black Creek in Wilson County. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


I-795 now approaches exit 9, Alton Road toward the hamlet of Black Creek. Unusually for a north-south highway in the U.S., exit numbers on I-795 increase going southbound. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The southbound exit 9 gore sign. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Past that interchange sits an I-795 reassurance shield. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The highway now proceeds past a field of yellow wildflowers to the right (west). Photo taken 10-02-2023.


As the highway curves rightward, it reaches mile marker 11, thus nearing its halfway point. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


I-795 now enters Wayne County and approaches the town of Fremont. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


At this point, the highway receives the designation of W. Andy Anderson Freeway, after a one-time Wayne County commissioner. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


There is then a crossing of a Black Creek tributary, the Great Swamp. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


A second crossing of the Swamp lies ahead as pine trees sit on either side of the freeway. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


After nearly two miles, I-795 reaches exit 14, which intersects North Carolina Highway 222 serving Fremont as well as Kenly in Johnston County. In Kenly, NC 222 has indirect access to Interstate 95 via U.S. Route 301. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The onramp from NC 222 merges in with the southbound lanes of I-795 at right. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The highway glides through a swath of open land before encountering more trees up ahead. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 18 serves the town of Pikeville via Pikeville-Princeton Road. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Before the exit, I-795 curves to the left into more trees. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 18 is just ahead to the right. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The Interstate then approaches exit 22: U.S. Route 70 Bypass, leading toward U.S. Route 117 (the parallel functional predecessor of I-795), state capital Raleigh, and the Lenoir County town of Kinston. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The highway crosses over Hinnant Road in the meantime. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


I-795 now officially enters Goldsboro, noted as the home of the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Access to Seymour Johnson's main gate involves exiting up ahead; truck traffic is to continue south on I-795 to US 117. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 22 leaves the Interstate at right, splitting into two separate ramps for each direction of the US 70 bypass soon afterward. I-795 south is now marked as going toward US 117 south as well as Wilmington (via US 117 and Interstate 40). Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The exit 22 gore. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The cloverleaf onramp from Bypass 70 west joins I-795 south at right, then Bypass 70 itself crosses over I-795, followed by a flyover ramp to Bypass 70 east. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Following the Bypass 70 interchange sits an I-795 reassurance shield, after which Salem Church Road (SR 1300) passes over the Interstate. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 25, one mile away, intersects mainline US 70 with control cities Smithfield (in Johnston County) and the above-mentioned Raleigh and Kinston. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Downtown Goldsboro and Seymour Johnson are marked as off exit 25B (US 70 east). Photo taken 10-02-2023.


A McDonald's and Bojangles are located in each respective direction along US 70. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Exit 25A (US 70 west) leaves the Interstate up ahead; exit 25B is situated a quarter of a mile further along. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Placed at ground level, the sign for exit 25B sits just before I-795's crossing of US 70. Going north on I-795, there is a single exit ramp at this interchange for both directions of US 70. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


At this point the speed limit drops to 50 miles per hour. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


I-795 officially ends as traffic from US 70 comes in. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


The route now approaches a traffic signal, at which the Civil War-era Bentonville Battleground is accessible via a right turn. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


Downtown Goldsboro is a left turn and about four blocks away from the signal. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


North Carolina Highway 581 (Ash Street, leading to U.S. Route 70 Business) is the route intersected at the signal. Photo taken 10-02-2023.


At right (NC 581 north) are the Cherry Hospital and O'Berry Center. Straight ahead is a connection to US 117 as well as U.S. Route 13. The US 117 corridor leads southward to a junction with I-40 at Faison in Sampson County. Photo taken 10-02-2023.

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