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Interstate 70 west - Maryland line to Breezewood

After turning from a westward to a northward trajectory in Hancock, Maryland, at its split with Interstate 68 which serves the remainder of Maryland's west, Interstate 70 enters Bethel Township, Fulton County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

An official Pennsylvania welcome sign sits here, as Buck Valley Road crosses over the highway. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

A Pennsylvania welcome center is just ahead. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

I-70's first nominally-westbound exit (but at this point, physically northbound) is where northbound U.S. Route 522 splits off into the borough of Warfordsburg en route to McConnellsburg, the seat of Fulton County. US 522 enters Pennsylvania from Maryland with I-70 after joining the highway at the I-68 interchange, in doing so replacing U.S. Route 40 as I-70's overlapping route. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Before the exit, Pennsylvania Route 484 crosses over the highway. Known here as Pigeon Cove Road, it then takes the name Buck Valley Road with it for several miles to the west, while having its eastern terminus just east of here at Pennsylvania Route 655. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Exit 168 is just ahead. US 522 reaches McConnellsburg 24 miles ahead of here, and then the Pennsylvania Turnpike at the Fort Littleton interchange another eight miles beyond. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The I-70 reassurance shield just past the exit is bathed in shade. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The highway goes on to enter a more heavily-forested area and crosses Little Tonoloway Creek, part of the Potomac River watershed. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Amaranth, the location of the next exit, is four miles away, and the world-famous Breezewood 20 miles ahead. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The highway emerges into more open land again and crosses Klondike Road. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Subsequently, it passes by state mile marker 166. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Following that, the highway curves to the left and then back to the right in the distance, as trees continue to flank each side of the highway. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The highway winds back to the left shortly afterward. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Exit 163, Pennsylvania Route 731 leading to Amaranth, is just ahead, as stated by this small-scale BGS. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The exit 163 gore, with PA 731 crossing over I-70 in the distance. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The onramp from the exit is followed by I-70 signage, as the highway's median prepares to become filled with trees. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Town Hill and Breezewood respectively sit 8 and 15 miles away. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The highway passes through a patch of open land before descending into more trees. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

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