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Interstate 70 west - Hagerstown to Pennsylvania line

Interstate 70, going west, is preparing to leave the area of Hagerstown in Washington County and is passing through an interchange with Interstate 81 on the southwest side of the city. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

A sharp cloverleaf ramp leads to southbound I-81 toward Roanoke, Virginia by way of Martinsburg, West Virginia and multiple other Virginia cities from a collector/distributor lane running alongside I-70 proper. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

I-81 is now behind I-70, whose next exit, 24, intersecting Maryland Route 63 and leading to Williamsport and Huyett, is one mile ahead. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The subsequent I-70 reassurance shield has an additional notation that it leads to Interstate 68 to the west of here. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The current speed limit is 70 miles per hour, an increase from 65 enacted in much of Maryland west of Baltimore in 2015. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

A scattering of services sits at exit 24. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Exit 24 is just ahead. Going north, in the direction of Huyett, MD 63 leads to the Hagerstown Speedway off U.S. Route 40 and to industrial and residential areas on the west side of Hagerstown. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Just past exit 24, Walnut Point Road crosses over the Interstate. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

I-70 proceeds to cross the Concocheague Creek before entering a heavily-forested area. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

There is an I-70 reassurance shield as the median becomes filled with trees. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Clear Spring, representing the highway's next exit on this sign, is three miles away. Hancock comes in 18 miles, and the I-68 split in 20. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

A short distance beyond, this blue sign directs drivers to different ski areas along the corridor: Whitetail, in neighboring Franklin County, Pennsylvania to the north, is accessible from the next exit, while Wisp, in Garrett County's Deep Creek Lake area, is reached through a lengthy drive west on I-68 to a southbound exit onto U.S. Route 219. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The Four Locks and McCoys Ferry points of the Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal are off this exit. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The exit, numbered 18 and serving Maryland Route 68 and the small town of Clear Spring along US 40, is a mile west of this sign. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

As the highway crosses over Ashton Road, a sign informs long-distance westbound drivers to remain on I-70 for 18 miles to reach I-68, which is not the highway intersected by the next exit. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Exit 18 is now reached. MD 68 runs north to US 40 where it becomes Mill Street, and also heads southeast toward I-81 just south of Williamsport. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

A sign in the median just before the offramp reiterates that I-68-bound drivers are not to exit here. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

I-70 goes on to pass under MD 68. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Maryland Route 56, the next exit, is five miles away, Hancock 14 and Cumberland, along I-68, 54. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

A little further ahead, Boyd Road crosses over the highway. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Access to the Western Maryland Rail Trail is off this exit. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Exit 12, MD 56 toward Indian Springs and Big Pool, is a mile away. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Fort Frederick State Park can be reached from this exit. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Exit 12 leaves the highway after it curves sharp right. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

The exit 12 onramp and gore. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

Hancock is now eight miles away, Breezewood in 36 miles via I-70, and Cumberland 48 miles via I-68. Photo taken 09-12-2016.

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