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Interstate 695 outer loop - Rosedale to Towson

The outer loop of Interstate 695 approaches exit 31, for Maryland Route 147 (Harford Road) serving Carney and Parkville. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

As exit 31B for MD 147 north branches off, exit 30 for Maryland Route 41, Perring Parkway, approaches. The outer loop's control city here is Towson. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Exit 30B for MD 41 north is a quarter of a mile ahead, and exit 29, serving Maryland Route 542/Loch Raven Boulevard and Cromwell Bridge Road on the eastern edge of Towson, is 1 and 3/4 miles away. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

At the time of these photos, the Old Harford Road bridge over the Beltway was being replaced, Old Harford Road being a secondary arterial through Parkville. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

The ramp to Perring Parkway north branches off ahead; it leads a short distance to East Joppa Road. Perring Parkway was at one point conceived as part of a freeway relocation of U.S Route 1 from Baltimore all the way to Philadelphia. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

Exit 30A for MD 41 south follows suit; it heads through the Hillen neighborhood of east Baltimore and back to Harford Road at Clifton Park. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

In the interim between Parkville and east Towson, this gantry announces Loch Raven and Cromwell Bridge as being half a mile ahead, while Providence Road and Maryland Route 146 (Dulaney Valley Road) are one and a half and two and a half miles away, respectively. Driver services are available at the forthcoming exit. Photo taken 07-08-2016.

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