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Interstate 695 outer loop - Key Bridge to Rosedale

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Running roughly eastward, outer loop traffic along Interstate 695 approaches the Francis Scott Key Bridge over the tidal Patapsco River. As noted by the small green sign at right, Maryland discontinued cash payments at the Key Bridge and other toll facilities in the state in 2020. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

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Exit 44 for Broening Highway, leading to the Port of Baltimore at Dundalk-Seagirt, is three miles ahead, on the other side of the bridge. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

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Meanwhile, a dynamic message sign displays the distance and travel time to the Interstate 95 interchange in the Rosedale area of Baltimore County. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


The Beltway reaches mile marker 49 (the distance decreasing counterclockwise in this direction) while a sign warns drivers of the potential for crosswinds on the bridge in windy conditions. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

The highway now proceeds past exit 42, one of three exits serving Maryland Route 151, just beyond Sparrows Point in southeastern Baltimore County. The Beltway is four lanes here. Photo taken 01-06-2022.


An inspection station for large trucks and similar vehicles is at the other end of the bridge. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


The Key Bridge now begins. The start of the bridge is marked with a "Patapsco River" sign. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


Traffic climbs upward over the Patapsco and prepares to curve to the left. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


The bridge roughly reaches its midpoint at mile marker 48.3, with a truss casing hanging over it. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


A small green sign just further along marks the highway's entry into Baltimore County, in which the bulk of the Beltway is situated. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


A speed limit sign - 55 miles per hour - is near the bridge's end. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


The bridge ends at mile marker 47.2. An overhead gantry displaying signs for exit 44 and the inspection station is also at that point. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


The entrance to the inspection station is ahead; it was closed at the time of these photos. E-ZPass administration is at the next exit. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


Exit 44 is here. Broening Highway leads northwest through south Dundalk and into east Baltimore, ending just past O'Donnell Street. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


There is I-695 reassurance as the highway leaves exit 44 behind and approaches a crossing of Bear Creek. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


The next exit, 43, serving Maryland routes 158 and 157 and the Sparrows Point industrial area, is a mile and a half from this gantry and the start of the Bear Creek viaduct. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


The Beltway begins to meander over Bear Creek, a tributary of the Patapsco along which part of Dundalk is nestled. Photo taken 08-28-2023.


North Point State Park can be accessed from MD 158, and the Dundalk campus of the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) from MD 157. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

An I-695 reassurance shield, with both "north" and "outer loop" notations. Photo taken 01-06-2022.

Exit 41, Cove Road serving part of Dundalk and leading back to MD 151, is a mile ahead and has services. Photo taken 01-06-2022.

After emerging from trees, exit 41 lies ahead. Photo taken 01-06-2022.

The exit 41 gore, with big green sign and overpass ahead. Photo taken 01-06-2022.

Exit 40 also leads to MD 151, which is known as North Point Boulevard, and to westbound Maryland Route 150 (Eastern Boulevard) toward Highlandtown and Fells Point in east Baltimore. Photo taken 01-06-2022.

The Middle River and Chase areas, and thus Martin State Airport, can be reached through exit 36 a few miles' drive ahead. Photo taken 01-06-2022.

As the onramp from Cove Road merges in, exit 40 is half a mile away. Photo taken 01-06-2022.

Trappe Road, a significant local road for Dundalk, crosses over the Beltway here. Photo taken 01-06-2022.

Exit 40 branches off here, exit 39 is skipped and the next exit, 38, is for MD 150 east toward Essex and eastward. Photo taken 01-06-2022.

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