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Interstate 695 outer loop - Arbutus to Key Bridge

Leaving behind its interchange with Interstate 97 in northern Anne Arundel County, the outer loop of Interstate 695 approaches exits for Maryland Route 2/Ritchie Highway (3) and southbound Maryland Route 10/Arundel Expressway (2). Photo taken 08-28-2023.

Exit 3B, leading to southbound MD 2 and the north side of Glen Burnie, leaves the outer loop here. The exit actually goes to Interstate 895's B-spur, which runs between mainline I-895 and MD 2 with ramps to and from I-97 and one to I-695's inner loop. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

The Beltway then crosses over the I-895 spur. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

Subsequently, an overhead dynamic message sign displays the travel time to the Beltway's interchange with its parent Interstate 95 in the Rosedale area of Baltimore County. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

The outer loop then receives, at far-right, traffic from a long cloverleaf ramp from southbound MD 2. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

Ritchie Highway then crosses over the Beltway before exit 3A, leading to MD 2 north via Arundel Corporation Road, is reached. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

Exit 2 for MD 10, with control city Severna Park though terminating in Pasadena, is now coming up. I-695's control city for the time being is Dundalk in southeastern Baltimore County, and the highway is marked as leading to I-95. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

The gore sign for exit 2, complete with cardinal direction and MD 10 shield. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

The I-695/MD 10 interchange is considerably forested, and outer loop drivers are thus instructed to watch for deer for the next three miles. In Maryland, this sign is more commonly found on rural, mostly-two lane state highways. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

Past all of the preceding exit and entrance ramps, there is an I-695 reassurance shield, which marks this direction as both eastbound and the outer loop. Photo taken 08-28-2023.

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