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Interstate 695 outer loop - Rosedale to Towson


At right, a cloverleaf ramp from northbound Interstate 83 (Jones Falls Expressway) joins the outer loop of Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) in the Brooklandville area west of Towson, Maryland, in Baltimore County. Behind this photo, northbound traffic remaining on I-83 joins the inner loop of I-695 for a short time before exiting onto the Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The Beltway proceeds over the JFX as seen here. It goes just shy of ten miles southward to Fayette and President streets just east of downtown Baltimore. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Subsequently, traffic coming from Maryland Route 25 (Falls Road) via a very short unnumbered portion of the JFX, enters the outer loop at right. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The far-right lane ends half a mile from this gantry, which is situated behind Falls Road's crossing of the Beltway. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The lane ends just beyond a wide curve right in the highway. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The outer loop's next three exits - Greenspring Avenue, Stevenson Road, and Maryland Route 140 (Reisterstown Road) - are one, two and 3½ miles from this gantry. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The right lane finally ends as the Beltway begins a straight shot downhill. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The Greenspring campus of Stevenson University is accessible from exit 22, the Greenspring Avenue exit. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Among the next three exits after Greenspring is Interstate 795, the Northwest Expressway. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Exit 22 leaves the Interstate just after it crosses Greenspring itself. This portion of Greenspring Avenue extends from Northern Parkway near Sinai Hospital in north Baltimore to a roundabout at Tufton and Worthington avenues east of Reisterstown and Glyndon. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The exit 22 gore sign. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Traffic coming onto the outer loop from Greenspring enters from the right. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


I-695 reassurance follows the exit. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The outer loop's iteration of exit 21 intersects Stevenson Road, which is marked as leading to Maryland Route 129 (Park Heights Avenue); it is half a mile away. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


This forms the eastern component of a pair of interchanges where the western portion is an inner-loop exit and outer-loop entrance at MD 129. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


After exit 21 there is a posted speed limit of 55. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Then, there is one of multiple signs dedicating the Beltway to Theodore McKeldin, the two-time Maryland governor who helped lay the groundwork for the Beltway's construction in the 1950s. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Prior to MD 129's crossing of the Interstate, an overhead sign displays the distances to MD 140, I-795, and Maryland Route 26 (Liberty Road), which comes a good two miles after I-795, 3½ miles total from this sign. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Traffic from MD 129 is preparing to merge onto the outer loop. The two halves of exit 21 are linked by Brooks Robinson Drive, named for the late legendary Baltimore Orioles third baseman whose hefty resume included four American League pennants and two World Series titles. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The onramp from Park Heights enters at right. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


More I-695 reassurance follows. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Now in Pikesville, exit 20 (MD 140) is forthcoming, followed by exit 19 for I-795 a mile afterward. MD 140's northbound control city here is Garrison, situated between Pikesville and Owings Mills. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Exit 20 is a single-point urban interchange (SPUI), one of the first such instances in Maryland. MD 140 to the immediate north is the main drag through Owings Mills and Reisterstown; to the south, it makes its way through northwest Baltimore, along the way overlapping with the preceding MD 129 for about half a mile just west of Druid Hill Park. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


MD 140's bridge over I-695 is dedicated to Earle "Jock" Freedman, a former State Highway Administration bridge engineer. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The MD 140 bridge has brick lining and iron guardrails; such a design also exists at exit 27 (MD 146/Dulaney Valley) on the north side of Towson. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


The onramp from Reisterstown Road enters the outer loop at mile marker 18.5. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Exit 19 for I-795 lies just ahead. I-795 is a freeway bypass of MD 140 through Owings Mills and Reisterstown that was constructed in two phases in the mid-1980s. It is a child of I-95 in name, but not in physicality as it never comes close to reaching its supposed parent. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


Large trucks are not allowed in the left lane of I-795. Photo taken 06-09-2024.


As I-795 commences, outer loop traffic shifts its orientation due south (and inner loop traffic from north to east). The Baltimore Metro Subway, which terminates in the median of I-795 in the area of the former Owings Mills Mall a few miles to the northwest, also crosses the Beltway within exit 19. Photo taken 06-09-2024.

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