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Interstate 476 north - Mid-County Expressway

In Ridley Township, Delaware County, just east of Chester, Pennsylvania, a flyover ramp from northbound Interstate 95 forms part of the interchange at which Interstate 476 has its southern terminus. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The first exit, exit 1 serving MacDade Boulevard, leaves the highway here. I-476 north is marked as going toward Plymouth Meeting, where it meets the mainline of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The ramp then crosses over a separate ramp leading from I-95 south to MacDade. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The ramps from each direction of I-95 then merge to form the northbound carriageway of I-476. For the next 20 miles, it will be a toll-free highway called the Mid-County Expressway, and nicknamed the Blue Route, after its designation in system plans as one of three proposed routings of the highway - the other two being marked as the Red Route and the Green Route. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

As also noted in the previous photo, the right lane of the highway will end in a quarter of a mile The highway additionally crosses over MacDade Boulevard here. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The highway's median becomes lined with an older-style brown guardrail. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

As it receives an onramp from MacDade, I-476 passes under Bullens Lane. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The northbound carriageway is now two lanes. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

An I-476 reassurance shield sits to the right, its visibility obscured by its location beside the trees and resultant lack of sunlight. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

Following that is a bridge over Crum Creek. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

A sign just further ahead states the highway is broadly dedicated as the Veterans Memorial Highway. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The highway proceeds to pass under Pennsylvania Route 320, known in this area as Chester Road; it goes north from downtown Chester into Swarthmore and, subsequently, Springfield Township. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

I-476 then curves to the right and passes to the east of the Springhaven country club. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

Another crossing of Crum Creek follows. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

Exit 3, serving Media, the seat of Delaware County, and Swarthmore, is a mile away; the intersecting street is Baltimore Pike. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

As the highway becomes lines with sound barriers and a concrete barrier in the median, it crosses over Avondale Road and Dicks Run, a Crum Creek tributary. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The next advance sign acknowledges Baltimore Pike for exit 3 and adds that Springfield is served by the next two exits, 3 and 5. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

Exit 3 is half a mile away. Also off this exit is Media's Riddle Hospital. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The Media/Wawa line of SEPTA crosses over I-476 just before the exit. The line has a stop at Swarthmore just to the east of here. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

Exit 3 is reached, and on the same gantry, exit 5, U.S. Route 1 with local control cities Lima and Springfield, is 1-3/4 miles away. Plush Mill Road is the road that crosses over I-476 in the distance. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

A gore sign points to the offramp to Baltimore Pike, which represents an old alignment of US 1 running from just west of downtown Media through suburban areas to the west of Philadelphia, including the southern edge of Drexel Hill as well as Lansdowne, before making its way into west-central Philadelphia itself. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The Interstate then crosses over Baltimore Pike. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The onramp from Baltimore Pike comes onto northbound I-476 at right. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

An I-476 reassurance shield sits beside the highway, now lined with concrete barriers in the median and along each shoulder. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

Exit 5 now finds itself three-quarters of a mile away. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

Exit 5 is up ahead. From here, US 1 heads southwest toward the Concordville and Chadds Ford areas and into Chester County, eventually reaching Maryland bound for Baltimore, and it also heads northeast into Philadelphia, then Bucks County and into Trenton, New Jersey. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

The gore sign for exit 5. Photo taken 09-02-2016.

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