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Delaware Route 1 south - Christiana to Dover

Proceeding from its interchange with Interstate 95 in Christiana, Delaware Route 1 heads south toward exits serving the Christiana Mall and, subsequently, Delaware Route 273. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

Exit 164B for southbound Delaware Route 7 leaves the highway ahead. DE 1's freeway exit numbers are unique in that they are kilometer-based rather than mile-based, and the highway's distance posts also used to be in kilometers. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

Exit 162 from DE 273 follows. The rightmost lane serves as the exit lane and thus disappears at the interchange DE 273 emerges from Maryland, where it bears the same number, and runs through downtown Newark en route to New Castle. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

The exit sits just ahead, and DE 1's southbound carriageway prepares to narrow to two lanes. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

The highway then gains a third lane again for its next exit, 160, for U.S. Route 40 (Pulaski Highway) running between Bear and Glasgow locally, and between Wilmington and Baltimore on a broader scale. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

Plenty of fast food is at exit 160. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

Exit 160 is reached, and the highway loses a lane again. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

The exit 160 gore sign. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

Next comes exit 156, leading to U.S. Route 13 northbound and Delaware Route 71 southbound. US 13 was the route that DE 1 replaced from this point to just outside of Dover. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

Just past the US 40 interchange, DE 1 crosses over Springfields Boulevard, which serves residential areas of Bear. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

Exit 156 leaves the highway to the left, with control cities Wilmington (for US 13) and Red Lion (for DE 71). It is also at this exit where DE 1 joins US 13, having been constructed directly along the older highway as an upgrade. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

After the southbound lanes of DE 1 curve wide right, southbound US 13 traffic merges in, and the DE 1 Relief Route begins in earnest. Photo taken 05-01-2023.

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