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Delaware Route 1 south - Bethany Beach to Maryland line


Southbound on Delaware Route 1 (Coastal Highway) pulling away from Delaware Route 26 (Garfield Parkway) in Bethany Beach, South Bethany, Fenwick Island and Ocean City, Maryland are a respective 1, 5 and 7 miles to the south. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


The route is six miles from the Maryland line, and the current speed limit is 35 miles per hour. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


The highway approaches a pedestrian crossing at Wellington Parkway. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


There is then a traffic signal at Jefferson Bridge Road. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


Jefferson Bridge goes east (left) a block and change to the Sea Colony complex of condominium buildings. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


The next light is at Westway Drive, at the south end of Sea Colony. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


A speed trap sits in the median at Errett Road, three blocks south of Westway. DE 1 is once again oriented due south, sitting feet closer to the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


The route now transitions into South Bethany. At the town line is another speed trap. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


Six blocks later, the highway intersects Layton Drive at right and Division Street just behind at left. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


A crosswalk then sits at South 9th Street. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


DE 1 exits South Bethany at mile marker 4, again indicating the distance to Maryland. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


The speed limit is still 35 at this moment, but increases to 55 just ahead. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


Another crosswalk is located just prior to the entrance to the Narrows residential development at Assawoman Street. The Narrows is situated alongside Jefferson Creek where the Assawoman Canal (part of the Intracoastal Waterway) drains it into Little Bay. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


Further ahead, the route intersects the entry to Salt Meadows. DE 1 is now running along the isthmus forming part of Fenwick Island, with the Little Assawoman Bay to the right and Atlantic Ocean at left. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


An entrance to Fenwick Island State Park is approaching on the left. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


The speed limit drops to 35 again just ahead. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


DE 1 now enters the namesake town of Fenwick Island, the final town prior to the Maryland state line and DE 1's southern terminus. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


A DE 1 reassurance shield appears as the route enters town. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


Between King and James streets, the route reaches its mile marker 1. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


At Georgetown Street, the highway passes the Seaside Country Store. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


The route proceeds past the Fenwick police station and town hall. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


A block before the state line sits a junction with Delaware Route 54 (Lighthouse Road), which has segments within Maryland as Maryland Route 54. Photo taken 09-05-2023.


Delaware Route 1 now ends as Coastal Highway enters Maryland. As Maryland Route 528, it will run nine miles across the length of Ocean City, eventually ending at the Ocean City Inlet at the southern tip of the town and barrier spit. Photo taken 09-05-2023.

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