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Baltimore-Washington Parkway north - MD 175 to I-95

Northbound on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, a sign announces an impending interchange with Interstate 195, leading north toward Catonsville and south directly to the Baltimore/Washington International Airport. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

BWI's rail station, serving Amtrak and MARC trains and situated on the former's Northeast Corridor, is accessible from the next exit ramp (I-195 east). Photo taken 10-03-2016.

The Parkway passes under Ridge Road before the ramp to I-195 east. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Another sign from I-195 east sits over the beginning of the ramp, half a mile south of the exit for I-195 west. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

The Parkway crosses over Amtrak's right-of-way mentioned above before it passes under I-195. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

A smaller overhead sign points to the ramp to I-195 west, marked as leading to I-95. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

As the Parkway's northbound carriageway receives traffic from I-195 west, the interchange with West Nursery Road, primarily serving hotels on the north side of BWI, is half a mile ahead, and an interchange with Interstate 695, the Baltimore Beltway, follows a mile after that. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Prior to West Nursery sits a Maryland Route 295 reassurance shield. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

The aforementioned hotels form part of BWI's West Nursery district. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

The West Nursery exit is reached, and the gore sign is very basic. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

I-695 is a mile ahead as the Parkway passes under West Nursery Road. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

The outer loop of I-695 is an alternate route for the forthcoming Interstate 895 for designated hazmat vehicles, which are not permitted in the latter highway's Baltimore Harbor Tunnel. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

I-695 east (outer loop) toward Glen Burnie is half a mile away. I-895 (Harbor Tunnel) and I-95 (Fort McHenry Tunnel) are 1-3/4 and four and a half miles from these signs. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

Hammonds Ferry Road crosses over the Parkway right before the I-695 interchange. Photo taken 10-03-2016.

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